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Is blow dryer a good option to use? – MenFash

Is blow dryer a good option to use?

Is blow dryer a good option to use? - MenFash

Is blow dryer a good option to use?

With winters already around who likes carrying wet hair and letting the whipping wind of the season dry them naturally? Yet there lies some amazing alternates in the market for such situation. That might rather help us instead of causing harmful impacts on the hair, if utilized righteously. As for example blow dryer. Blow dryer with all their versatility, seems to be a breath of fresh air. Yet to be quite honest, any heat styling products on hair causes a lot of dangerous aftermaths. And to discuss the odds (Is blow dryer a good option to use?) let’s dig in a little deeper and find out whether using them regularly is a right option or not.

Well, for all the right reason using a blow dryer regularly would be quite similar to shooting on your own foot, since heat styling product causes brittle, damaged and dry hair. And blow dryersВ are no less than any heat styling product. Yet to prevent the odds I’m just ought to share some of the ways that might lessen them.’

Is blow dryer a good option to use?

Invest in a better quality: Investing in a better quality of the hair tool is a must. Since, it’ll damage a little lesser to the ones as compared to low quality. As with hair being the core element of the personality it’s worth spending a few extra bucks to prevent them from the odds.

Always apply heat protectants: As mentioned above, all the hair styling product causes damage to the hair, it gets pertinent to apply heat protectants to prevent the hair from ugly aftermaths. As with their amazing versatility you might rejoice the outcomes after applying it on before blow drying.

Attach the nozzle to the blow dryer: The nozzle that most of us never bothered to notice requires a little attention folks. As a matter of fact attaching it with the dryer might save our life. Since, It controls the air and lessen the harshness air provides to the hair. Hence, instead of ignoring it attach it at the drop of the hat. Since, it’s quite worth being there.

The above mentioned tips might lessen a little bit of the harshness of the blow dryer. Yet quite frankly speaking, blow dryer may spice and revamp the whole look. But to be honest, the heat from the dryer lefts hair some everlasting ugly effects. That might not be so good to them. Using these occasionally is okay, in comparison to blow drying it regularly, as you might end up on balding the head. Hence, to avoid such circumstances avoid using it regularly. Since no one wants frizzy, unhealthy, thin, and brittle hair.

Keeping the real feel of the apparent article alive let me conclude it in a few word and put the whole point of the article at your court by stating that blow drying the hair is definitely not a right option to opt for. With that being said instead of bounding yourself within the technologies let the air swipe away all the wetness of the hair.

Stay blessed!