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How to treat dandruff – Useful Home remedies

How to treat dandruff (Home remedies)

How to treat dandruff.

Today we will talk on How to treat dandruff (Home remedies).

Dandruff is a widespread scalp condition that cause white or grayish flakes to be shed from hair. Dandruff can take the beauty of your hair away and leaves your hair with a damage look. It also creates a barrier in your way of wearing dark dresses.

It can be really embarrassing when others can see white flakes on your shoulders. So this issue must be given great importance if you want to regain the growth and health of your most precious ornament- that is your hair.

There are many so-called treatments for dandruff advertised every now and then on television. Different shampoos, conditioners and oil etc. have been marketed excessively since so long but nothing has proved to be a permanent solution for treating dandruff.

Dandruff can be extremely disturbing during cold months of the season.

There may be several causes of dandruff, which may include:

  • Meager vessel circulation.
  • Lack of Zinc Oxide.
  • Fungus that cause Melessezia Furfur.
  • Candida (yeast Disease).
  • Improper Diet.
  • Restlessness.
  • Stress and pressure.
  • Use of Soap.
  • Excessive hair styling.
  • Hormonal disparity.

How to treat dandruff.

Home remedies can play an eminent role in getting rid of dandruff and attaining lovely healthy hair. Home remedies are much safer and reliable than using products bought from market.

How to treat dandruff – Useful Home remedies:

Some of the useful remedies are discussed below:

  • Tea tree oil, being a potential antiseptic, can be used effectively to treat dandruff. Add some drops of tea oil in your normal shampoo that you use to wash your hair. You can keep a solution of 1 tea spoon tea oil and warm water as a spray and massage with it after you have washed your hair.

How to treat dandruff.

  • Pulverize a leaf of aloe vera plant and mix it up with lemon juice.В  Apply it on scalp and then leave with a mild shampoo.

How to treat dandruff.

  • White vinegar is considered as one of the best home treatment for dandruff. It prevents your scalp from development and growth of fungus and bacteria that can cause dandruff. Add1/4th of vinegar in the water you are going to wash your hair with and in the end wash your hair with normal water as well. You can directly use vinegar too by applying it in your hair and leaving it for night keeping a towel wrapped around.
  • You can also apply baking soda on your wet hair and massage your scalp smoothly. Wash your hair with normal water then. You can get rid of dry flakes by using this method of treating dandruff, as your scalp will naturally stat producing oil.
  • Olive oil being a best moisturizer for hair can treat dandruff to a great extent. Heat the oil up for few minutes and then massage slowly. Wrap a towel around your head and leave it for half hour. Then wash your hair as it should be.

How to treat dandruff.

  • Fresh Lemon juice is another good way of treating dandruff as it contains acid which helps in getting rid of yeast causing dandruff. Massage with lemon juice, leave for some minutes and then wash with shampoo and conditioner. You can also mix few drops of coconut oil with lemon and massage with this mixture for curing dandruff. Leave this mixture on your head for whole night and wash next morning.

How to treat dandruff.

I hope this piece of writing would help you out. You can treat your dandruff problem by choosing some of these tips and keeping them in regular use to completely get rid of dandruff.