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Egg oil – The best way of growing hair faster:

Growing hair faster

The best way of growing hair faster.

HAIR FALLВ is one of the most common hair care problems of today’s era. Do you know why? It is mainly because we tilted towards industrial based beauty products rather than natural HAIR CARE ROUTINESВ from past few decades. We think, commercial products are the ultimate solution to all our hair related issues. But is it actually? Well I don’t think so. Because though these commercial products fixes your problem for the time being, but in a long run, they are proven to be disastrous. So here in this guide we are going to discuss an effective natural remedy that will not only help you avoid hair fall, but is also one of the best ways of growing hair faster.

Egg oil – The best way of growing hair faster:

Egg oil is the only product I can remember that can help you protect your hair from so many issues like hair loss, DANDRUFF, and the most important of all, it also helps you faster hair growth. So feel free to have it in your wardrobe and apply it on regular intervals.

  • Rejuvenate hair follicles:

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Your hair growth depends on your healthy hair follicles. Dryness and lack of nourishment causes your hair follicles to get weak and lifeless. Weak hair follicles not only initiate hair fall to dreadful level but also reduces hair growth which leads to baldness. Your hair growth depends on your alive hair follicles which are responsible in providing nourishment to hair in making new hair cells and many other hair growth processes. So egg oils contain omega 3 long chain unsaturated polysaccharides like DHA which is very useful in revitalizing and nourishing your hair follicles. Your hair follicles need nourishment to stay alive and healthy for your hair growth. So DHA in egg oil helps in rejuvenation of your hair follicles to make them stay healthy and nourished.

  • Rich source of protein:

The best way of growing hair faster.

Our hair are made up of amino acids (proteins) and your hair growth depends on the level of protein you are providing to your hair. No doubt you take in protein by eating protein rich food but external care never be ignored. Egg oil is rich in proteins which initiate your hair growth processes at double rate. And strengthen your weak and damaged hair by repairing them and nourishing them in thousand times better than your industrial hair nourishing product.

  • Arrest ageing:

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This is the natural fact that as you get aged your body processes starts to get slow. Whether they are your metabolic processes hormonal or new cells production processes. So as you grow old your hair growth also slow down and there is nothing in the market which can increase your hair growth. What you can only do is to dye your hair to look young which is also a temporary process. So egg oil contain Xanthophylls which are anti-oxidants like lute in which immediately arrest ageing of your hair follicles and even maintain your hair color and prevent them to get grey. Arresting of ageing of hair follicles means increasing the hair growth processes.

  • Reduce inflammations:

The best way of growing hair faster.

Many guys face slow or no hair growth due to inflammation In their head scalp. Inflammation ruptures your hair follicles which cause hair fall. Once your hair follicles get ruptured due to any injury there would never be any hair growth afterward. So egg oil contains Immunoglobulin which removes inflammation and reduces hurdles in your healthy hair growth.