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Advantages of pre bath oiling in winter season:

Advantages of pre bath oiling

Advantages of pre bath oiling.

In pre historical times there was a trend set by our ancestors i.e. They used to massage their hair before shower. There concept was to nourish their hair before shower so that they don’t get dry afterwards. But as the technology advanced, we titled towards industrial based beauty products and discontinued this practice of nourishing our hair, believing, industrial based products are enough to use. But reality is not as it look like, though these products does prove to be help for the time being, but in a long run, they are disastrous. There is no remedy as effective as natural products and that’s it. Because pre bath oiling with natural oils is the best practice,В as they can help your hair and head scalp stay nourished even in extremes of cold for a longer period of time .

Advantages of pre bath oiling in winter season:

According to researches, natural oils are very beneficial as they not only nourish your hair but also give them the required protection against environmental pollution and harmful chemicals of different hair care products. Even medical science now recommends the use of natural oils such argon. And the good thing is, it can also help you soften your facial appearance as stated in one of my articles:

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Below are some reasons stating why you should practice pre bath oiling in winter season.

  • Prevent dead scalp:

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In winters your sebum start to work less due harsh cold winds your natural sebum is noyt enough to control the dryness alone. Your scalp gets dry and your skin get start to patch off from your scalp skin and ultimately a worst problem of dandruff appear on your head. Which stay until the winters stay and do not leave your hairs very easily. So, natural oil plays the role of sebum which nourishes your head scalp and prevents it to get so dry that they start to produce dandruff. Giving a massage before taking shower is the best way to cover up your head scalp and give it enough nourishment to stay healthy.

  • Prevent damage:

Advantages of pre bath oiling.

Shampoo cause damage due to its hard formulae. So what natural oil does is to provide a good cover and AVOID ANY UNWANTED HARM. on the other hand they repair your damage hairs. cold dry winds damage your hairs and make them dry natural oils nourish them enough to get repaired.

  • Reduce dryness:

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Natural oils reduce dryness cause by the weather as well as shower with warm water in winters. Warm water wash off all the sebum and your hairs nourishment and leave them dry to be get attacked by external environment. So using natural oil before bath will help your hairs nourishment to stray intact in your hairs and hence ultimately your hairs would stay healthy nourished and shinning even in cold dry and harsh winter season.