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5 easy tips to straighten your hair at home

Straighten your hair at home:

5 easy tips to straighten your hair at home - Menfash

5 easy tips to straighten your hair at home.

Everyone wants to adopt something new in his personality and many boys want to figure out their character which everyone can admire. And for that, looking good is their (boys) utmost priority. Hence, it requires them to know what actually the meaning of beauty is. Your complexion and your hair both are the main objects that count in the beauty. However, if you don’t have good hair, then you should try to make them look better. Mostly, boys who have curly or frizzy hair remain worried that how should they straighten their hair without much fuss. So, here are some of the treatments and processes that I have complied for you that can help you straighten your hair at home without much difficulties.

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5 easy tips to straighten your hair at home:

So, in regard of straightening of hair, I am going to explain you some tips by which you can get your hair straight and smooth within no time. Further, this process will help you retain your hair shine and will not alter your hair growth in any way.

There are two ways to get your hair straight. One, you can use a hair straightener (Artificial method) if you want your hair to be straight for the time being; however, second one is the natural means which can make your hair straight and make it look shiny, smooth, and silky for a good period of time. Remember, artificial straightening of hair can damage your hair if used again and again.While the natural remedies are always a good source of getting the desired thing fulfilled through the right and apt manner without much side effects.

Natural ways to straight your hair:

  1. Frizzy hair, when taken a bath, becomes soft. Additionally, if you will use the conditioner of any good and medicated company you will find the best result. So, a good conditioner and shampoo plays a vital role. Hence, choose correctly! Comb your hair while they are wet. Slowly, when your hair begins to dry you will find them shiny and straight.
  2. Massage with Aloe Vera is another good option for you. It has the gel type material that helps fasten the growth of the hair besides making them soft and straight.
  3. There is a mud found in Multan (Pakistan) called Multani mitti. If you can get a hand to it, it can help you in several ways. It can make your hair naturally straight. One cup of fuller’s earth with the egg white or albumen mix together and apply it for one hour, you are going to receive the best result ever.
  4. Olives and eggs are the evergreen options and have been used since ages. This is the ancient method used to make the hair soft and shiny. One egg and some crushed olive mixed together if applied on the hair for one hour can produce the outstanding outcomes. Thus, it is also good to use. You can repeat this procedure twice in a week to get your hair nourished.
  5. Last but not the least, milk and butter is a good option to avail. It is very easy to do. Take the coconut milk and butter – butter produced by natural means in the home is better. Mix both the material and then apply it thoroughly to the hair roots to the tips. Leave it for half an hour and then wash off your hair with shampoo.

Artificial means to get your hair straight is only one. If you want your hair smooth and soft urgently, then you can use the hair straightener lotion and then straight hair with the help of straightener. However, frequent use of straightener can damage your hair. This is why many people prefer the home remedies.