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Hair accessories you should not use while styling your hair:

Styling your hair:

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Your hair are very important as far as your style definition is concerned. Your daily style can never be completed without a good hairdo. But how do you style it? Do you use hair equipment? Well if yes, you should be very careful. Because as on one side they help you maintain your style statement, simultaneously, they are damaging to your hair’s chemical structure. Your style equipment, no doubt, give your hair a stylish, maintained and clear look, but these equipment got some harmful side effects too. We often use equipment like blow dryers, flat irons, head caps and needles in dying, but do they style your hair in a healthy manners? Well, if you think so, you are wrong. You know why? Well, this is what we are going to discuss here today, i.e. why you should not use hairВ accessoriesВ while styling your hair.

HairВ accessoriesВ you should not use while styling your hair:

Though men hairstyling has advanced quite a bit, but it still carries a lot of disadvantages with it. Don’t believe me? Here’s what we got for you.

  • Flat iron:

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Your hair are made of keratin protein and hydrogen and sulphate bonds between them. There isВ also moisture present in your hair structure. Many guys who have curly or wavy hair tend to use flat irons on their wet hair or sometime with heat protecting gels to straight their curly or wavy hair. No doubt this is the only way you have to straight your hair instantly but do you know about the extent to which this flat iron and chemicals are damaging your hair? When you apply flat iron on your wet hair or with any hair product, you damage you hair chemical structure. Hot iron deprives your hair from natural moisturizers either by sucking orВ evaporating it in the form of steam. While on the other side it damage the nourished outer layer of your hair and disturb the hydrogen and sulphate bonds of your hair structure leaving your hair dry, shin less and lifeless.

  • Blow dryers:

Hair accessories you should not use while styling your hair.

As I have told you before the heat is very damaging to your hair. Because the keratin protein which is comprising your hair is very sensitive to heat and cold. Blow dryer not only dries up your hair leaving them moisture less but also disturb the chemical bonding of your hair. You must have felt sometime after blow drying your hair they feel rigid and rough when you pass your fingers through them. Yes this is your damaged protein structure. Your hair get weak from some places and some time break down. So no matter how stylish hair you get after blow dry the end result would always be disastrous.

  • Rough comb:

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When your hair are already damage your rough comb or hair brush play the remaining role. Rough and damaged hair by blow dryerВ and flat iron get weak at many places on your hair length. Rough comb and brush break them randomly leaving your hair length irregular. You must have to use a very soft brush which helps you to comb or brush your hair without making them more vulnerable and weak.

  • Head caps:

Hair accessories you should not use while styling your hair.

Streaking, highlighting, and dying have become aВ common fashion as far as men grooming is concerned. But the equipments used by hair stylist in making your highlights and doing streaking at your hair make your hair so rough and tangled. Like head caps use in highlighting mess up your hair and when after the whole process in which you have already done so much harm with your hair you remove that cap a bulk of hair come with that come. Even dyeing hair is very harmful for your hair because chemicals in them are so harsh and equipment use in doing so are too much harmful for your hair’s health.