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Funky Men Hair Color Trends for 2017


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    • 1.1 Green hue:
    • 1.2 The Bright Orange Color:
    • 1.3 The Rainbow Dye:
    • 1.4 The Vibrant Blue Dye:
    • 1.5 The Magical Combo of Pink and Purple:
    • 1.6 All Over Pink shade:

В Funky Men Hair Color

Funky Men Hair Color

With great innovation seen with the dye products and new colors trending in, having a cool hair color makes up a great fashion statement for one. Moreover, this can be taken up either all along the head, just in the center or nicely streaked up with a short haircut. Here, below are some funky picks that one can take up to give out a complete cool look.

Green hue:

Green goes best for central hair dye especially for one’s supporting Mohawk or pompadour hairstyle. This can be either in light or dark shade and can be equally worn by men with light or dark complexion. Sides of hair left with natural hair color will bring out the best expression of the dyed hair.

The Bright Orange Color:

Orange is a startling bright color that grabs attention, especially when taken up as hair color. The greatest way of dyeing orange is to dye it all over your hair from back to side. However, the color is so prominent that it takes over your hair cut and even dominates over your facial cuts.

The Rainbow Dye:

Now, here is your key to stand out from the masses and grab attention of all. This rainbow dye shall be a combination of various vibrant color taken up as streaks all over your head. However, one needs to choose maximum three colors to avoid over-do. A careful selection of colors and a smart central or streaked outspread would bring best outlook for the rainbow dye.

The Vibrant Blue Dye:

Men with dark complexion are a bit frightened of selecting bright colors yet blue is one color that equally suits fair and dark men. В A dark blue shade over the central region with haircut supporting short hair on the sides and longer on the top, stands out amazingly. An Afro like finish to such a hair do will give the best finish.

The Magical Combo of Pink and Purple:

Pink and Purple

Here’s your way to a complete cool look with a dye entailing pink and purple. The duo brings out a good look for men with round or oval shaped face and also for the ones with medium to thick textured hair. The key to this combination is dyeing the hair in a way that one color does not over do the other and gets an equal share.

All Over Pink shade:

If you dare to choose an exceptional color, pink is the one for you. This could be a great idea if it goes as a uniform dye all over the hair. Some people try experimenting it as streaks while an all-out pink will look great especially upon men with light complexions. However, ones with darker complexion can vary the tone of dye for best results.

An Ash Brown Color:

Brown stands next to black as highly liked and adopted color for a hair dye. To add a style statement to the usual brown a variant of it, i.e. an ash brown is a cool addition to the list. It goes equally well for short hair and for centrally long or complete long hair.