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Even a bad shampoo can cause baldness – Be choosy

Even a bad shampoo can cause baldness - Be choosy

Bad shampoo can cause baldness:

Bad shampoo can cause baldness.

Your face is the first thing that people notice when you are meeting anyone. When a man starts to go bald then along with your hair, your confidence also goes down. Hair are considered to be the most important and impressive part in a man’s personality. It can easily change your looks. It has been noticed that majority of men begin to lose hair after they reach their 30s. This is the prime time in a man’s life as this is the time when men seek to climb the ladder of success in both their work life and their personal life. While there are abundant of men shampoos that are being sold in the market with the purpose of stopping your hair loss, there are some used to destroy your hair. Some of these shampoos are effective while others are just sold to make some profit. But do you know there are shampoos that are made from ingredients that can actually stimulate the process of balding. So yes, though it is difficult to believe but even a badВ shampoo can causeВ baldness, indeed.

Even a bad shampoo can causeВ baldness – Be choosy:

Silicon based shampoos should be avoided because these actually block the roots of your hair and instead of your hair becoming soft and shiny it leads to rough frizzy hair. It dries out your hair like a straw and damages your hair with the passage of time.

Sulfate is another strong chemical that if present in a shampoo can categorize in the worst shampoos because this chemical is normally used in dishwashers so naturally it is unfit for your soft shiny hair. You might have noticed that dishwashers make your skin rough and even causes irritation. The same happens with your hair and head when you use shampoos that contain this dangerous chemical. Shampoos such as Pantene pro-V, tresemme and herbal essence do have this sulfate.

Alcohol based shampoos are also harmful for your hair. This damages your hair and also dries out the natural moisture of your hair and eventually leads to hair loss. Again, the shampoos that consist this ingredient can give your hair a coarse look which you will certainly never prefer.

Formaldehyde is an ingredient that has the ability to irritate your scalp and clog your pores that will lead to hair damage and hair loss. This chemical is known to be carcinogen. So avoid such shampoos that have this chemical in huge quantity.

Too much protein for your hair is bad. If you use products that only consist of protein without using a moisturiser with it then you are doing yourself harm. Protein makes your hair lose their natural elasticity that will eventually cause them to break and hence a hair loss procedure will follow with every brushing.

Too much fragrance in a shampoo is a guarantee for your hair damage. Fragrance based shampoos contain ingredients that can harm your scalp and hair. So use the ones with minimal smell or the one that contains natural oil smell. Propylene glycol is the ingredient that takes away proteins from your hair so avoid using such shampoos that can do damage in the long run.

So these were some of the ideas that you need to watch out for while purchasing any shampoo of your choice.