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Does trimming leads to healthy hair growth?

Trimming leads to healthy hair?

Trimming leads to healthy hair growth.

Different people have different opinions regarding hair health. You must have heard your ancestors saying trimming your hair leads to a healthy hair growth. But is it true? Does trimming leads to a healthy hair growth? Yes. Your hair grow approximately 1.25 cm a month and being a man, you have to maintain a specific hair length. So trimming is something that helps you maintain that specific hair length and help you cut those edges that are in not so good condition. Because edges are the most abused part of your hair. They have to deal with not only environmental stresses but daily hair styling (Click here to knowВ EQUIPMENT YOU SHOULD NOT USE WHILE STYLING YOUR HAIR). So better is to remove that dead part of your hair on regular intervals in order to make them healthy for a long time.

Does trimming leads to healthy hair growth?

Trimming weak part of your hair will allow healthy hair to take place and make them look rather good. So today we are going to discuss how trimming leads to healthy hair and If they do, then why?

  • Reduce frizzy hair:

Trimming leads to healthy hair growth.

Your hair face environmental stresses every day along with your styling habits, hair product applications, chemical application, shampooing, conditioning, blow drying and all these harmful tactics you play with your hair. Because of all these activities daily happen to your hair they become weak, dry and frizzy especially from bottom and sometime from upper side. So trimming your long hair monthly will make your hair look fresh and all frizzy hair would get removed. Because dry and frizzy hair reduce your hair growth and give your hair dull and dead bushy look. So trimming is the best way to get rid of all frizzy hair.

  • Reduce splited hair:

Trimming leads to healthy hair growth.

Split hair are another problem which is harmful for your healthy hair. Split hair become hurdle in your hair health and look very dirty and unclean on your head. Split hair spoils your long hairtyle. So why to tolerate this mess? Trimming will help you to reduce these split hair and ultimately will help you to get rid of all of them. Trim very little length every month to remove all the dry and splited hair.

  • Equalize the lengths:

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Brushing, dryness and styling cause breaking of your hair from mid of their lengths. It looks very bad and gives very unhealthy and rough look to your hair. Trimming will help your hair get equal in length. Every month trimming of hair will equalize the length of your hair in few month and they will look healthy and lively.

  • Reduce damage:

Trimming leads to healthy hair growth.

There is no product which can give life to your dead and dry hair. Oiling nourishment and all these hair health products can only work on little damaged and alive hair. Your dead hair can never help your remaining hair to look healthy, cleans and alive. It’s better to trim all the damage hair for healthy hair growth and fresh clean look.

Trimming can never increase hair growth. It has no concern with your hair growth processes. But what it can only do is to remove hurdles in your healthy hair growth processes. Like removing split ends, dead hair, tangled hair, damaged and weak hair. These hair are the enemy of your hair health. So trimming removes all these hair to help your hair look fresh, healthy and very clean than before trimming. About 0.25 cm length should be trimmed each month.