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Do men hair colors damage your hair? – MenFash

Do men hair colors damage your hair? - MenFash

Do men hair colors damage your hair?

Do men hair colors damage your hair? - MenFashDo men hair colors damage your hair?

From the time fashion has taken a significant space in our lives, men and women alike have become style and trend conscious. Even a five year old child knows about recent trends that are being practiced. To be very honest it will not be wrong to say that fashion has become a necessity for all of us. Yes! Men too are needed to carry themselves in a fashionable way. Where fashion is the call of the day, there we have responsibilities to bear. It includes all the challenges that fashion life forces us to bear. We here try to answer doВ men hair colors damage your hair? Let’s explore the probability.

Do men hair colors damage your hair?

Fashion is not about wearing branded clothes and shoes only. It is a complete package that seeks our attention.В  It includes a good hygiene practice and a trendy styles. Your skin and your physique are all needed to be in a good shape. Have you ever wondered why some people do not appeal us although they have worn the best possible outfit? The reason for that is some small mistake makes the situation go wrong. If your skin is not hydrated, it doesn’t look fresh and thus your overall appearance will go dull.

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Of all these things the hair coloring part is often neglected by men. They think this hair coloring thing is feminine and so they do not care about it. To all those men, remember that a different colored beard and hair are the least desirable thing. Yes your head hair and beard should always have the same color. No matter if it is naturally different, you can always color them up.В  Remember that selecting the right color for yourself is the real task.

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Often men get confuse with a concept that hair colors always destroy your hair. And it is this misconception that forbids the men from dying. To all those men, let me tell you very clearly that not every hair color destroys every one’s hair. Puzzled? See, different people have different scalp types and color needs. So one should always know their scalp type before purchasing a hair dye.

Do men hair colors damage your hair?

Secondly, you should never try to save money in your dye. Get your hair colors in the best available salon. Your hair are a life time collection, which if not maintained properly becomes a regret. So always select the best brand that is available.

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Besides that to get the accurate color purchase a dye that is 2 shades lighter than your original hair color.В  Getting a professional help is always a wise idea. Once you get a complete dye, you can always carry on the touch ups on your own.

So, to an extent it is true that hair color damages your hair but it is also true that not every hair color harms your hair. В Too much use of cosmetics is never appreciated. But keeping a good style is the need of the day. And yes last but not the least always do a patch test before applying hair colors whether in a salon or at home.

Stay young stay colorful!