Different ways to put on sunglasses

Ways to put on sunglasses:

Different ways to put on sunglasses.

Your sunglasses say much to the people you meet everyday. Sunglasses are like secret keepers. Suppose, you are in a party and you are wearing black shades and suddenly you see a pretty girl you can stare at her for couple of more seconds and she will never know about your staring eyes. So, black sunglasses keep secret of your eyes. But, here are some more ways to wear sunglasses. Remember, these ways will not keep the secret of your eyes, but surely these ways will make you look hot and attractive. So read ahead to know the different ways to put on sunglasses.

Different ways to put on sunglasses:

So, these are few ways to put on sunglasses and make your style unique.

  • Hanging onto the shirt’s front:

Different ways to put on sunglasses.

It’s not necessary to put your glasses on your eyes always. But yes, it is, when you are exposing yourself in the sunlight. However, if you want to wear your glasses in the evening then you can hang your sunglasses on the front of your shirt. The V-neck shirts will look cool when you will hang your glasses onto it.

  • Suspending onto the back collar:

Different ways to put on sunglasses.

It becomes a fashion accessory when you wear it on strange places. This concept of different ways of wearing sunglasses has been developed from the film industry and Hollywood movies.Suspend your sunnies on the back whether it can be suspended on the shirt and jacket whatever you choose to wear. The choice is yours.

  • Tucked into the jeans pocket:

Different ways to put on sunglasses.

This is the cool way to wear sunglasses. Wear your jeans when you are going to an informal event or in any party. Just tuck your glasses in your pocket. Blue jeans with the brown sunglasses will look best. Or you can wear any funky color T-shirt with it. Your key chain of your car’s key must match with your glasses so it may look perfect when you hang it out from the jeans pocket.It will give you an exceptional style.

  • Put on top over the head:

Different ways to put on sunglasses.

Putting your sunglasses on the top of your head is also a good idea. It is followed by many. Casually, you can wear it in this style.You can pick any hair style and then can set it in the hair. This style restricts your hair to come on your face if you have a long hair hairstyle.However, guys who are bald by fashion, they can also adopt this way and can put it on the top of the head.

  • Back onto the head:

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It is really a weird style. Guys now a days are wearing it on the back. What they do to fix it on the back of the head is a question indeed. They make it stuck in the hair and the sticks of the sunglasses are placed on the ears. You can find this style very popular in elite class boys and teenagers.

  • Upper hat:

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Now, what if you are wearing hats to avoid sunlight from directly hitting your face? And still you want to wear glasses on the head? So, you can put it on the hat. But, it will not look good on the cowboy hat so avoid it when you wear the cowboy hats.

So, these are some cool ways which you can try whenever you want. Have your own cool style!