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Spring fashion accessories for Men 2014 – whats new?

Spring fashion accessories for Men 2014

Spring fashion accessories for Men 2014

Fashion has become one basic necessity of every modern man. Every man in this planet earth wants to look admiring and thus go for new and innovative fashion trends. But it’s easier said than done. There are a thousand more complexities which one should keep in mind before dressing for any event. Remember, it’s not just the choice of outfits that contributes in a good personality; there are a lot more aspects that should be considered while trying to achieve an admiring personality. And fashion accessories are one of them. It has been observed that good fashion accessories not only help one in achieving an admiring personality but it also helps in boosting ones self-confidence. Here in this guide we will discuss spring fashion accessories for men 2014 – i.e. what’s new in this 2014 spring collection for a modern man like you.

Spring fashion accessories for Men 2014 – what’s new?

  • Wristwatches for Men:

Wristwatches for Men

Men look versatile and trendy by wearing wristwatches. However, spring is colorful season so prefer to wear colorful strap watches. Men can wear funky color wristwatches like red, blue, green, black and purple but make sure to match them with their outfit. Moreover, large dial wristwatches are in fashion as compared to small dials. In addition, watches in round and square dials are commonly used by men for alluring appearance, so look different this spring with colorful strap wristwatches.

  • Hats or Men Scarves:

Hats and scaves

Men can also wear scarves or hats for appealing appearance in amazing spring. However, make sure to wear bright colors hats and scarves to look inspirational among others. No doubt, men look great by wearing multicolor scarves with t-shirt and jeans. Hats look great on working males and adults whereas, teenagers should wear scarves in spring to look appealing.

  • Goggles or Sunglasses:


Few men feel shy while wearing goggles or sunglasses but in fact, men look trendy and classy. Therefore, every man should have goggles in his wardrobe to look venerable among other people. Moreover, prefer large size goggles because now days, small lens goggles are not in fashion. Plastic made goggles or sunglasses in black color frame make men appearance outstanding.

  • Rings or Chains – The best fashion jewelryВ accessory:


Who said that rings and chains are only associated with females? Men can also wear them to appear glamorous. Time has been changed, so every man should be aware of these fashion accessories. Men can wear large gem rings in metal to look alluring. However, avoid wearing plastic and small size rings. In addition, men especially teenagers look smart and funkier by wearing chains but make sure to wear silver chains. Avoid wearing gold because it looks hilarious and immature on every age group of men.

  • Cufflinks, a special part of men fashion:


Wearing cufflinks instead of buttons is also becomes a fashion of 21st century. Therefore, men who are unaware of it should start wearing cufflinks from now. Cufflinks are very important part of men fashion accessories so look great with a great change this spring. It is a fact that fashion gets changed day by day, but change is good for everyone so be alert about fashion updates to look classy and venerable.