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Fashion: Is it mens business?

Fashion: Is it men’s business?

Fashion: Is it men’s business.

There are people in society who would associate fashion with women only and entirely but some would do a little favor in men’s side as well. The history of fashion can be traced dated back to ancient Egyptian who had wigs, hair piece and then with the passage of time, the notion of fashion evolved. Fashion describes the prevailing mode of expression and individuality. Women can never be seen without any single trait of fashion in them from simple elegant braid to classic outfits. But on the other hand men tend to operate at opposite sides of the spectrum. They are either not interested in fashion tales or they are literally obsessed with it. And over the years, men are seen to be simple or very fashionable. So the relation between men and fashion is somewhat complicated.

Fashion: Is it men’s business?

Fashion: Is it men’s business?

All over the world, men are divided into two categories, updated and outdated. This fashion trend not only gives the individual identity but a sense of difference between high and low class society. If we go back and travel through centuries, we will see men indulged in fashion in terms of clothes, shoes and accessories. Robe, bracelets, and shoes of different kinds even the swords they had were fashionable. The type of clothing they used to opt for was the reflection of their masculinity. The major changes in men’s fashion has been noted from early 90’s when bigger was better, with double-breasted suits, full-cut trousers, and tuxedos with tails setting the standard for how a gentleman should dress.

Fashion: Is it men’s business?

Then 1940’s when war changed everything including the dress code and banned the double-breasted suits and pleated shirt and introduced big style roars back with wide lapels, spread collars, and roomy suits. Conservatism and conformity rule, with trim tailoring and similar accessories ruled men’s fashion in 1950’s.

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Then 1960’s, 70’s and 80’s marked the history of fashion in terms of В flared trousers, flower shirts, wide lapels, peacock revolutionВ and broad shoulders framing power ties and suspenders respectively. And then the change took place in 1990’s that was the bridge to 21st century and came up with the loose baggy silhouette of the early ’90s leading to a slimmer suit profile.

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There is a chain of evolution, changes that took place in the field of men’s fashion. If we talk about fashion companies or brands for example Dolce & Gabbana and levi staruss for denim, these are not only concerned with women’s fashion but sales the high and latest quality brands for men. Rado is the company that reflects men’s elegance in terms of accessories.

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21st century is nowadays marking a great revolution in men’s wear. We cannot claim that fashion is only a one sided game. Men is embracing fashion world and it’s visible that men are even moving away from the days when self-conscious blokes were too scared of getting it wrong to dress outside the box.В The chooridar, jalidaar outfits for eastern men, furs and stylish boots were once considered girlish and now things have changed. And the ongoing interest of male especially the young generation male is giving rise to more diverse spectrum of fashion and its involvement in their lives.