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fashion affecting moral values – Is it true?

Fashion affecting moral values:

fashion affecting moral values - Is it true?

Fashion affecting moral values.

Is fashion affecting moral values? Have you noticed the change in our generation’s attitude in fact even our own attitude has become quite unfair. The patience, the sympathy, the love and the care once were the traits of real men have gone somewhere very far.В  It was only in those early days when fashion was meant to be taken as a hobby not as a burden or a challenge that men has in them some good spirit, some true feeling for each other and most of all they had the heart to feel the pain of others. Now in today’s age, our generation only carries hate, jealousy, anger and rudeness in them. Ever thought why is this society being so unbearable? Why do people have increased depression and especially our young generation has just lost their way.

fashion affecting moral values – Is it true?

This is all because of this fashion phobia. It has put people in more complex than ever. Yes, the fashion race has developed the feelings of competition and where there is competition there is jealousy. Moreover it has given people a challenge to live for, and you all know very well that taking up a challenge means going beyond fair means of achieving the goal. You must be thinking this is all so unreal and dramatic, but the truth is we don’t have the courage to see the real face of ourselves.

Just tell me why the society has become so uncompromising? Why are these friendships not real? Why every other person is at a risk of getting into fraud by other person? We all are doing many wrong and awful things on our part. There is not a single person who can deny these things. Every one of us is living for our goals and benefits. And the worst of all is that we are ready to go far beyond our rightful means just to fulfill our desires. Well, that’s not the only thing; there are a lot more things that are indicators of low moral values of ours.

Why are there more depression cases then ever? В Why are there more suicides?В  We say time have changed and that is pretty true but what change has taken over us? In this fashion race every individual is trying his best to out beat every other person. And this the reason that people have become fake, they have hidden their true self somewhere under the fashion.

Not only this, fashion requires money and to keep ourselves equal to the others we try out even the illegal ways. And those who are somehow not able to fulfill these demands of fashion affairs are often seen to be depressed, unsatisfied and discontented. And the worst of all is these type of people often boycott the society. Even their work life gets affected and the worst thing is they getВ ignored. Long gone are those times when people used to meet each other irrespective of status, but now everything is calculated in terms of our benefit. If a person cannot do many favors, then he is no longer needed in one’s life. Isn’t it something below the moral values of us?

Doing fashion is not fatal, but like Hippocrates said

Everything in excess is opposed to nature.