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Dress what you like – Fashion doesnt matter

Dress what you like:

Dress what you like – Fashion doesn’t matter.

Us, as being humans are capable of having brains within the craniums of our heads. In spite of the fact that we have the credibility to opt what’s right and what’s not, one must always go for the things that he likes to choose. Yet, the only exception occurs when you don’t select the sensible and prefer the nonsense over it. In the fashion world too, individuals are often found with making the consistent mistakes. It’s probably because for most to opt the correct option, they require a brief or detail consultation. However the point is, it is the dress what you like that matters, not what other thinks.

Dress what you like – Fashion doesn’t matter:

Only you know what fits you:

Dress what you like – Fashion doesn’t matter.

One of the major reason is only you know what fits best upon your personality. Only, you’re aware about the type of fashion that suits best on you. Therefore, while copying the random styling with cherry-picking phenomena, you might give away your personal charm. Hence, for you to be at the top of your style-game it’s mandatory for you to recognize the fact that only you know about what fits perfect on you. So, don’t just put on the random selections and search for what fits onto you, perfectly.

Set your own examples:

Dress what you like – Fashion doesn’t matter.

One of the advantage is you get to set your own examples. For you to succeed in acquiring anything, it’s important for you to think a bit differently. Think out of the box, and don’t just follow the similar mentalities but create your own. Look for the styling, that fits suitably for your kind of styling and then extend those styling to the whole new extensions! Start to construct your own examples.

Be at the top of your very own style-game:

Dress what you like – Fashion doesn’t matter.

You can’t be at the top of your very own identity, unless you’re following “You”. Same old statement I’d give under a title like this, “Be what you’re!” And unless you’re acting like “You’, you can’t succeed any levels. Therefore, be excellent at only what you’re.

Life is too short to copy others:

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Life is too short to follow their tracks, why not make your own sensible steps-to-take and then follow it!? Life is too limited for copying! This typo statement fits while selecting the appropriate fashions too. Therefore, one of the major rational is also that you must realize the unfruitful aftermaths of copying.

The beautiful copy is still a copy:

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Even the most beautiful picture of the moon is still the most beautiful “copy” of the moon. So copying their advices onto your persona and then reflecting yourself in it, it wouldn’t put you in the most handsome of the positions that you’re hoping to appear in. Follow what you like, yet make sure for your selections to not be beyond the boundaries of sensibleness.

Stay blessed!