Is Fashion really fun?

Is fashion really fun ?

Is Fashion really fun?

A majority of men don’t consider it as a fulfilling activity that deserves their indulgence.

Only a handful of them take out their time (though in a calculated way and in the absence of their peers) in choosing their wear of choice. But, since everyone wants to look good (I believe fashionable is the correct word), they do give it ample thought in an attempt to dress up appropriately for some upcoming event.

These days, every funky freaky thing is considered as fashion, so one has a diverse set of options to choose from. And, if you pull it off well, you end up creating a trend. Simple as that.

But on a more serious note, this topic is boiling my blood. Fun? All the boys whom I inquired about this issue didn’t consider it a thrilling activity and a majority of them claimed that they did not spend more than ten minutes in choosing their attire.

I want to wake up in my sweat shirt, put on a jeans grab a cup of coffee and brainstorm on howВ  to extinguish the evils residing inside of me, rather than wondering whether fashion is fun or not.

Like this very day I am still in my pjs trying to figure out how to satisfy this material obsessed world by writing a post on why fashion is fun.

Excuse me! This is not going to come outa me. I do like dressing up, looking good, but most importantly I dress to feel good. But, in the age I am; in suffocating surroundings where humans resort to cannibalism for their material gains, I can’t just sit here and pen out things that have little or no impact on my life!

I want to write to at least awaken two people from their sweet slumber. So they can realize their worth and start thinking. Think over their reason of existence.

Should I stick to spreading happiness and love or should I continue in promoting capitalist ideas by devouring myself in things like being up to date with fashion? The answer is no, of course!

Have you ever looked back and reflected on how shallow our society has become?

Pretty things please me too and I do spend my money on them. I am no different then you guys. But I remain confident that I haven’t lost my sense of wonder. Is yours still with you or not? It is time to think about it.

Let’s talk about beautifying our souls first and then we will deal with the bigger picture. I won’t deny that cloths do give the first impressions off and they build up your personality but is it enough? No, at least I don’t think so.

Major questions to ask ourselves are:

  • Do I think on things beyond my day to day boring routine?
  • Am I still judgmental?

Let me take you on ride of what is fun.

Fun, fun is a Skype chat with my best-friends after weeks, fun is binge watching lord of rings series with my brothers, fun is dancing to kshake it off* in my pjs at 3 am, fun is the sleepy phone call with your lover, fun is going to amusement park with family and your friends etc.

The above things do require money, so I wanna clear I am just against extreme materialism only where you lose the sensitivity and your priority become overshadowed by worldly obsessions.


Dancing along the stripes of your shirt,

Touching the polka dots of your pants,

I might end up writing a trendy poem,

Yet it won’t match the color of your neck scarf,

Your neon shoes,

What are you boy?

Let me tell you, you are a fashion disaster.

Okay I can only come up with this at this hour of the day brainstorming on Fashion.

If you have really read it till all till now and aren’t tortured enough and just hissing the words that why does this writer can’t take a chill pill?

Sir, if everyone would be snoozing and just dressing up, you won’t even have cloths to wear in coming ages. We will go back to prehistoric times most probably.

“Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every six months.” ― Oscar Wilde

Oscar speaks my heart.

Why not dress up with passion, modesty and sparkly confidence.

Whatever you wear, own it and it will add stars to who you are.