In-depth analysis: Why and how to complement your partner

In-depth analysis: Why and how to complement your partner

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How to complement your partner?

How to complement your partner?

Crazy week it has been researching for this unsolved mystery of complementing. I have done some experiments and almost awkward interviews of random strangers to really get in touch with human instinct of complimenting and being complimented.

An in-depth analysis – How to complement your partner:

Things I got to know were very interesting and thought provoking. I came to a lot of different conclusions.

Firstly let’s talk about the partners and how they like to be complimented. What I figured out was that if they are in their teenage years they are very easily overwhelmed by the common compliments of being called pretty, cute and beautiful. Though it does appeal to the older ladies too, but by then they are over their teens and they can unВ­code the honesty behind the compliments. The honesty counts a lot, the intention and the tone are the ones which come right after it.

When partner’s are over their first heartbreak phase they actually label every compliment with an eye of doubt and scan it for leaky fakeness. So its gets harder and harder for guys these days to impress their partners and make them woo. So for proving my observation even more correct I took a few guy friends on a compliment spree with me and we complimented random passer-by girls. I did that to check general mentality of guys and their tactics. Then I stopped by girls I knew and they complimented them face to face. I recorded the reaction of the girls. Beautiful and pretty had mixed responses, because they knew that they have no connection with that guy though they did giggle and blushed a little but that is not accountable because they weren’t close to the guys.

But when I took the guys to their partners, the ones who talked about the personality of the girls, it literally lightened the faces of the partners up. So I concluded that there is huge number of girls who are more into the compliments which are raw and not sugar coated. Striking the strings of the heart that is what is needed. If a guy can do that then he is a champ and he will surely win a special place in the heart of the girl he is complimenting.

I once wrote a piece in my dairy when I was pissed at someone who literally was pushing compliments on my face, it was something like:

“Did you just compliment my lips? My body? Oh I heard how you were ogling over me.”

Dude! that’s not cool.

Sir, I was also blessed with a brain and that is very interesting part of my existence. Acknowledge it at times will highly appreciate it.

Or actually on second thought maybe your neurons aren’t capable of doing that. Excuse me I gotta go and invest my time and energy in things and people who aren’t brainless genital thinkers.

So yes I am about to tell you something which you should fix in your minds, girls hate it when you just admire their bodies so balance it with knowing their personality more and picking something out of that and praising that.

Now coming to the part where I am going to enlist ways to compliment your partner!

  • Be differentНѕ don’t go mainstream by reading a book on compliments and slamming those on someone’s face. Get to know the person, notice details about her personality and her appearance.
  • If you have sincerity in your eyes, a girl will adore you and even if your compliment is not up to the mark, she might neglect it.
  • Rehearsed compliments are big NO because that will make them feel annoyed and uncomfy.
  • Eye contact is another important thing while complimenting someone, it is attractive. Glances also work if they are filled with an emotion that can perk up good feelings.
  • Expressing that how happy she makes you, how good it is to have her around, how you feel relieved talking to her and how her smile lightens your day up etc, are very well appreciated on the girl chart.
  • Shower her with words that go with your actions, shallow things will be caught by them sooner or later.
  • Love letters, poems and short sticky notes can do wonders. Girls like being portrayed into words and the love and adoration being professed in the classic style.
  • An early morning glow, a chipped toothed smile and a messy hair bunВ­ have you ever thought that they do add effortless charm to a girl’s innocence. Compliment these tiny things and the girl will add the spark to your life.
  • Compliment her brainsНѕ tell her that her brain cells are as smart as she is. That her smartness makes you feel that the stereotype of dumb girls doesn’t exist. Highlight that she is skilled and has talent that makes her unique.
  • Sensuality if termed in a very exotic way is liked by many women. They like being told that they are appealing but not very uprightly. Compliment them with a sensible tactic that can surely take their breath away.

I hope you will be yourself and apply it all.

Good Luck.