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Smell Pleasant with Eau de Toilettes:

Eau de Toilettes:

Eau de Toilettes.

The word Eau de toilettes basically means scented water or lightly scented cologne which are normally used as skin freshener and are usually applied to the skin directly after bathing or shaving. The word toilette or toilet used in the word Eau de Toilettes describes the process of washing and personal grooming. Eau de Toilettes are also referred as “Aromatic Waters” being weaker then the perfume but stronger then the cologne. Another term used for Eau de Toilettes is ‘flower water’ as the principle ingredient used in manufacturing them is geranium water, lavender water, lilac water, violet water and spirit of myrcia etc. Eau de toilettes have lesser percentage of alcohol when compared to the perfumes and are preferable to use during the summer as they have lighter and refreshing scents. In the earlier days, Eau de toilettes were initially made from flowers and herbs but as the science has advanced over the centuries, so has various products. Today you can find a wide range of Eau de toilettes to choose from. Using Eau de toilettes can be advantageous too as some of us are prone to skin allergies and have sensitive skin and sometimes they cannot use cosmetics, thus they can use scented waters as they have very less concentration of chemicals and are more thought to be made of natural ingredients.В  They can also be used as skin toner.

Smell Pleasant with Eau de Toilettes:

Now we move towards the beneficial aspects of using Eau de toilettes, one of the obvious being you smell nice after using them. It is suggested to use Eau de toilettes in the afternoons as they can make you feel fresh after a prolong day and when you are just ready to feel tired and show signs of a hectic and tiring days. Eau de toilettes can certainly make you feel as if it is a fresh and a new day, raising your spirits and making you feel pleasant. The fragrance can normally last for 2-4 hours so you need not to worry about it as well.В  There are different tactics as to how you can make the scents last longer. It is advisable to apply them low on body and behind your ears and neck so the scents keep rising and you do not have to worry about losing it as quickly as it normally does. A light spray on the hair can help as well.

The scent you wear describes you so it is very important to know what scent to wear and which scent suits your personality the best. For example the ‘vintage’ scents can sometimes make you remember good old memories you have locked away someplace in your mind, ‘fresh and natural’ scents are more appealing and they can make you feel fresh, clean and green; closer to nature. The ‘classic romantics’ being the floral scents can bring out the emotions, feelings and your sentimental side. The ‘sweet and tasty’ scents being the sugary and mouth watering cookie scents can make you feel innocent, young and would remind you of your childhood memories.

Some of the good Eau de toilettes include Doir Homme Intense, Tom Ford Grey Vetiver, Bond no.9 New Harlem, Sartorial, Tomford, Invictus and Paul Smith etc. You can make use of Eau de toilettes in your daily routine as they can make you feel present and everyone around you can feel good too. They will judge you by the smell you wear, so wear good scented Eau de toilettes and smell plus feel good with them.