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Clive Christian – The most expensive fragrance in the world

Most expensive fragrance:

Most expensive fragrance.

Do you know fashion is a complete package which includes each and every single affair of our life? Our living styles, our feeding habits, our moods, professional life even our marriage is manipulated by fashion at large. And undoubtedly, it wouldn’t be wrong to state that fashion has a great influence in our lives. When talking about fashion in terms of possessions among many such things fragrance is one of the departments that plays an important role in showcasing our personality with versatility.В  Since, there are many brands of perfumes that share the best fragrances of the world yet Clive Christian the most expensive fragrance has no parallel to it.

Clive Christian – The most expensive fragrance in the world:

Clive Christian is said to be the king of all fragrances. It was established in 1999 when the American perfume designer acquired the crown perfumery. The crown perfumery is the most prestigious place for a designer. It was built some 135 years back where Queen Victoria granted the use of her crown as a symbol of appreciation and acknowledgement.

Clive Christian has revived the honors of the crown perfume with creating the most perfect and natural perfumes with the best ever ingredients from all across the world. Clive Christian used his brains and heart to come up with the most unique fragrances. He opined that his fragrance guides the people to their true business.В  Clive Christian is a complex mixture of the best fragrances of the world that has no comparison whatsoever.

The brand is a trade mark of quality, refined art and the limitless efforts of the designer in quest of getting the Best out of the best. The designer of this grand fragrance knows his ultimate customers and thus he plays in the same manner according to the vision of his customer. Not only this he took the opinions of his “expected customers” after preparing the first sample of the fragrance and this personal involvement and dedication has brought colors to the designer’s product.

The Clive Christian has 17 perfumes. The C is not only a fragrance; those who use it consider it to be their close companions. It gives us a feeling of being cared, being pampered and being loved. It is widely known fact that the most precious things are kept with care. The packing of Clive Christian also exhibit this fact. Its bottle is decorated with the queen’s tiara using gold and diamond cut stones. And then finally it is placed in a velvet box.

From day 1 to this date this perfume was created, Clive Christian has put in additional efforts in every fragrance of his product. This perfume builds a relation of the bearer with the fashion, luxury and fragrance. The passion of Clive Christian has made its fragrance as the world’s best fragrance from any brand.В  Since, it is endorsed by the queen of England it is therefore the most expensive fragrance of the world that has ever been created.

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