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Best winter coats for men 2019 – Fashion Designers Masterpeice

Best winter coats for men 2019

Best winter coats for Men 2019

Today we will talk on Best winter coats for Men 2019.

This year a wide range of designer winter coats have been launched for the upcoming year 2019’s fall and winter. Trench coats, duffle coats, raglan, Pardessus, simple cape etc. are some of the men’s wear coats that have been launched. This year military style print coats are more famous compared to these coats and are still followed by many men.

1961-3 ports, dries van notes, Comme des garcons, Christian Dior are some of the famous designer brands who brought out the overcoat theme. Beige, gray, olive and black were used during the 40’s and now have been used again in the 2019 fall/winter collection.

Designers and their – Best winter coats for men 2019:

Following mentioned are some of the famous designers and their coats that they have put up this fall:

1- Dolce and Gabbana, Ermenegildo Zegna, John Galliano, Umit Benan:

  • These are some of the designer brands that have introduced capes in the fall/winter 2019 collection.
  • They have been designed with great quality.
  • Some of the qualities are made water proof fabric, leather drape, wool and cashmere materials and fabrics.
  • It can be worn overhead as well.

2- Etro Yohji, Calvin Klein, Yamamoto, Issey Miyake:

  • They have put forward various trendy fall/winter 2019 collection of men’s coats.
  • They have used red, black and shades of green and gray.
  • Olive green, mustard, khaki, and navy blue are used to combine different shades.

3- Emporio Armani, John Varvabos, Asschi, Acne, Kris Van Paul Smith:

  • They generally have used grey for their fur and leather coats in the2013fall/winter collection.
  • The reason for using this color for men is that it is a traditional color that men can well present him in.
  • They have presented the leather coats in matt and shinning performance and fur as a collar trim or as a base material.

4- Jil Sander, Ermenngildo Zegna, Yves St. Laurent, Viktor-E-Rolf, Gucci Plaid:

  • These are ones who represented their coats made with fabrics of wool and cashmere for the 2019 fall/winter collection.

5- Parkan and Sports:

  • Straight double breasted and single breasted are like to be founded in the men’s 2019 fall/winter collection.
  • These designs were put up by Corneliani, Burberry, Gucci, d squared and martin Margida.

Best winter coats for Men 2019

Not only these designer coats were represented but other designers have presented coats too.

  • They used colors that were blended together to get a perfect pattern and print.
  • They played with colors in such a way that those colors can make them self look artificial and even natural at the same time.
  • Some of the designers offered geometric prints.
  • Some used unusual styles like baggy and fitted coats made with smooth or quilted fur.
  • Some designers used fur as linings to make the coat warm and fluffy.
  • Some of designers presented amazingly designed pattern short coats, like wise some of them put forward beautiful looking overcoats for men, this fall.

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Best winter coats for Men 2019

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