Matthew McConaughey in Free State of Jones reminds 1960s

Matthew McConaughey in The Free State of Jones:


A common criteria seems to occur as a component of one’s nature. That, when he watches some movie, imaginations strike him. He finds himself rejoicing into a deep ocean of imagination. Often, these pictures play a vital role as being a reminder of a very fascinated time-period which might have occurred in the past. For instance, lovers seem to find themselves within the oceans of love birds, martial-artists relate themselves with some particular action-movie whilst watching it. In a nutshell, individuals seem to get lost into their soulful ex-days while watching movies. So lets talk about Matthew Mcconaughy in “The Free State of Jones”; something that reminds us of 1960s.

Matthew McConaughey in “The Free State of Jones”:

Correspondingly, a week back whilst watching a movie (The free state of Jones) with my father, I saw him being lost into it. As he was being reminded of something really special, possibly of the best period of his life. Nevertheless, I shook his legs off and with instance, a conversation commenced. And it went slightly like… Well! Take a look,

I: – Dad? Dad? What’s up? Are you okay?

Dad: – Yeah, umm. Nothing.

I: – What’s in your mind dad?

Dad: – Not much, the movie slightly reminds me of the good old days. Everything was so peaceful and gentle. And you see this guy Matthew McConaughey? His appearance takes me back to Sixties, man! The way he is serving the king. With a thought I feel like, as if I’m all young again.

I:- Do they used to wear such attires in 60’s?

Dad :- Absolutely! All civilized by each sight. This speaks about sixties my son! Yet, the 60’s feel is not just radiated through its attires. From the dialogues to the attires, it exhibits the feel of sixties.

I :- Ahan! Do you guys used to have story write-ups as similar to the apparent movie?

Dad :- Oh yes! And It wouldn’t be wrong to state it that, they seemed to copy-up the style of sixties while creating it or they were too inspired by the advent of 60’s that they had to construct a movie which could mirror us the genuine credibility of 60’s era.

*Conversation Ended*

“The Free State of JonesВ is an American Civil War drama-thriller film which isВ highlighting the true story of anti-slavery Confederate deserters inВ Jones County-Mississippi. The movie takes back to the olden days. When individuals were fighting against the civil wars and struggling enough to create a change. After surviving in the 1863В BattleВ during theВ Civil War,В Newton Knight (Matthew McConaughey), who’s playing a role of a poor farmer fromВ Mississippi, leads a group of anti-slavery Confederate desertersВ and later turns them against Confederacy. Knight subsequently turns out to marry former slave, Rachel and successfully establishing the region’s first mixed-race community. Matthew McConaughey throws an outlook of Knight who as many Jones Countians was opposed to secession” ~WikiPedia

Let’s flashback on what basically happened.

Well, it was a county that elected John H. Powell, the “cooperation” as an anti-secession candidate, so that he could represent them at Mississippi’s secession convention in January 1861.

Initially he reached in, he found that there was no opportunity to vote against the secession, there were existing two issues, which were of delaying secession until other states had seceded. Powell voted against immediate secession on the first ballot, but that particular option failed. Left with no other selection, he signed the Declaration of Secession. Later, a deep passionate struggle led him towards the success of his opinions.

His grave, epitaph stated “He lived for others”.

Nevertheless Matthew plays his role, while being him in the movie.