Fashion difference – From old stars to new stars

Fashion difference:

Fashion difference.

Learning the fashion difference from the celebrities is easy because, fashion is a long old story of the time. It started from the time of early modernism and is still moving forward. Every new era bring with it some new styles and fashions.В  In fact it will be right to say that the recent times have seen many drastic changes in fashion. You must be thinking that we often see is that same old fashion comes back again and again so how can a fashion change be named as drastic? Well those gradual changes kept on modifying too much that eventually the original style was lost very far behind.В  As for fashion, we learn fashion mostly from our stars. Yes, the trend worn be the most famous star will be practiced more than the other ones. Fan following is that one thing that keeps people attached to the fashion world closely. For a good fashion sense it is necessary for us to know the fashion details.

Fashion difference – From old stars to new stars:


Fashion difference.

The stars like Gregory Peck and gray cooper had been among the most famous stars of silver screen. Along with their flawless acting their outfits were also inspiring at that time. The famous suit style of that time was three piece tux suit. Often stars like Fred Astaire were seen wearing these three piece tux suits. В Another suit style that became very popular among the celebrities of the time was two piece double check suits. During that time there was a clear difference in the fabric of the outfits that were worn. Flannel was considered to be the most desired and appreciated material for the suits. Whereas now stars like Daniel crag and Bill Nighy are mostly seen in two piece plain suits with soft shoulder coat. The sports coat carried by Errol Flynn is long gone. Now is the time when stars like Robert Pattinson are often spotted in leather jackets and long coats.


Fashion difference.

Whether it’s a shirt or a tee shirts, there is a marked difference in both styles of clothing. The plain shirts are partially consumed by contemporary stars like Johnny Depp and Bratt Pitt. The plain shirts are still in use with a suit but those crisp white shirts worn by Jack Lemmon are no more in use. In fact the focus of wearing plain shirts with suits has quite reduced. To give it a funky look often the suits are worn with printed or patterned shirts. The white t shirt of Marlon Brando is no more in fashion. Now is the fashion of wearing bright colored polo tee shirts which are worn by many contemporary stars like Daniel Radcliffe and Andrew Garfield.

Hats and bandanas:

Fashion difference.

The actors like Al Pacino and frank Sinatra were used to wear cow boy hats or even some stripped hats. Whereas now the contemporary stars like Liam Hemsworth and Alex Pettyfer are seen modeling in bandanas. These bandanas are a small piece of brightly colored cloth which is carried in many different styles.


Fashion difference.

The old stars like Fred Astaire and Jack Lemmon are quite famous for wearing dark ties but the modern day stars like tom Cruise and John Travolta are spotted wearing black or red bow ties.

Hair style:

Fashion difference.

The old stars were often spotted in slick hair look where as now is the time of hipster hairstyles. There are so many new styles of hipster hair that almost every star has a brand new look.

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The fashion differences from the old stars to the new stars have given a new way of life to the contemporary people. It will be wrong to say that the old times fashion was good or the contemporary style is better. Both the times have proved their fashion statements.