Winter Caps

6 Most Stylish Winter Caps For men


The essence of wearing a cap in winter lies in the fact that most i.e. 80-90% of body’s heat dissipates through one’s head. Not only it brings comfort to body, keeping it warm, a trendy pick makes you look stylish. There is a diverse range of winter caps for men to put on and below are some unveiling your way to a cozy yet stylish cap:

  1. Ushanka

Ushanka, a winter cap is also known as a trapper hat, avitator, chapka and Elmer Fudd. This stylish cap for winter comes to diversity in its make i.e. with thick, furred lining (including both the interior and exterior) aided with ear flaps on each side. They have three default positions to bring a style to winter cap wears such as

Open i.e. flaps tied at the crown of the head

Closed with flaps tied under the chin

Loose having the flaps down and untied

Not only it keeps you warmer, but brings to you a cool, goofy look for outdoor hours with friends.

  1. Astrakhan Caps

“Astrakhan” a Russian word referring the pelt of a young Karakul lamb is a flat, round-topped cap coming with a doubled-up brim. In Pakistan, it is famously referred as “Jinnah cap,”

This stylish winter cap is worn both as casual and formal wear plus comes with both western and local touch. The synthetic material used in its making is the best insulator without harming the fashion sense of the cap.

  1. The Beanie Cap (Or Stocking Cap)

Call it beanie cap or a stocking cap, a tuque, a bobcap or a burglar cap. Its origin comes from military and still worn by militants and generally referred as stocking cap. Its features include a knit material, a round symmetrical shape a folded brim that can be snagged over ear to give double layering.

To give it a style, it is seen with a small crescent-shaped brim, a pom-pom and tassels. These simple yet stylish winter caps can be kept folded in pocket without any fear of wrinkles or getting them de-shaped. It also has a variant called Chullo, made out of alpaca wool. It comes with ear flaps and a string and usually decorated with cool designs or patterns to wear in winter.

  1. Dress Hats: Felts

The most iconic winter head wear “felts” come in various styles and known by many of its names as homburgs, bowlers and fedoras. To bring it a winter wear touch it comes with an internal wool layer incorporated with stylish semi-circular ear warmer with cool colors and patterns tucked inside to be used under varying weather conditions and individual style statement.

  1. The Stormy Kromer Hat

This stylish winter cap takes its origin from a train engineer and named after him. The cap made in accord to his routine use, fits snugly overhead. Thus, it comes with a cozy six-panel design to keep it intact overhead bearing the blow of wind. This classic is a cool, casual wear adding style to your winter cap wearing agenda.

  1. The Flat Caps

The Flat caps made out of wool are best yet stylish winter caps for men with short brim to be worn anywhere and anytime. This not only helps in staying warm, but also brings a style statement for an outdoor tour in the cold. However, the style disturbs the coziness owing to the lack of cheek, ear and neck protection, making them suitable as an indoor winter cap.