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Strapback Hats and Celebrities – New Fashion Statement

Celebrities and Strapback Hats

New Fashion Statement

You might have noticed a new trend in celebrity fashion if you’ve been following. Custom Strapback hats are becoming popular among a few of the hottest names in hip hop. Celebrities such as Big Sean, KANYE West and Jay-Z have been spotted wearing distinctive hats sporting snakeskin brims. However, these hip hop moguls are not the only stars to wear strapback. The custom hats have also been seen among athletes and their team’s hard-core fans.

Who Makes them and How?

Don C., KANYE West’s manager, was the first to design and manufacture strapback hats, although KANYE is credited with pushing them into the mainstream. The line of Don C from Mitchell & Ness continues to maintain popularity, as Don C hats are said to be among the best available.

Originally, it was a custom hat made to order. At present, though, both pre-made strapbacks and custom hats are available. The snakeskin is sourced for the most part from Indonesia. The harvesters skin the snakes and send their hides to a tannery. A process similar to traditional leather tanning is used to make it ready for production. When the tanning process is complete, the skins are sent to manufacturers and designers such as Mitchell & Ness, RSVP and Don C. The final process turns them into strapback hats so popular with today’s celebrities.

Most Popular Strapback Hat Styles:

Strapback hats feature a relatively simple design. It is basically a normal looking baseball cap with an adjustable strap of lambskin with a buckle on the back and a snakeskin brim. A few of the most popular represent teams such as the Chicago Bulls and the New York Yankees. This is because these teams were originally sported on the hats by KANYE West and Jay-Z. Of course, many people wanted to represent their own teams, so hats showing the logos of the Miami Heat, the Atlanta Falcons and the Boston Celtics also became hits on websites such as eBay and Amazon. Because of their impeccable quality, RSVP and Don C continue to be the most popular designers.

If anyone wants the real and genuine Don C strapback hat, it can be found through the RSVP online gallery, but you should expect to pay at least $400 each. В There are also several online retailers to pick up a fully custom snakeskin strapback with the same quality as Don C for a lot less like scyoc.

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New Fashion Statement New Fashion Statement