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Connary Reversible Leather Belt



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Connary Reversible Leather Belt

Cool, stylish and a great visual style leather Belt, perfect for receptions and weddings .It does not only looks cool, but do also performs its best so that a wearer can feel free and comfortable with that. Latest fashion Ted Backer belt with the cool new look having a reversible leather belt buckle feature allows the customer to select a black or a chocolate brown leather belt with better performance.

This great Ted Baker leather belt for men is made with the stainless steel reversible buckle in light pink colour. No matter which suit do you wear or which colour of the skin do you have, this great Ted Baker Leather Belt suites with most of suits and colour complexions.

About Ted Baker Brand: This is one of the fastest growing life style Brand in United Kingdom. As, it’s perfect designing and great guts extended its product worldwide. This nice looking Ted Baker Belt is the great example of Ted Baker Designing and perfect styling.

Features of this great belt are:

  • Stylish, cool and perfect for fashion
  • Provides great comfort to the customer
  • Shinny pink colour and a stainless steel reversible buckle
  • Allows the user to choose Black or a Chocolaty brown leather
  • Great for wedding and receptions
  • Almost suites on every suit and colour complexion.

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