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Western Belts for Men – Wear it for Perfection

Western Belts for Men

Western Belts for men

HISTORY OF Western Belts for Men:

Western belts or western belts buckles have been in fashion since late 1880’s. Western belts for men symbolize the old west. In the western world, trousers were very much common among the people because of cold winter. This further led to the formation of western belts. They reflect the story of American’s heritage and dominate the personality of the wearer.


Leather is the common material used in the western belts. While the buckles are usually made up of metals.


Sheplers’ stores sell leather western belts. They also sell longhorn belt buckles. The Justin Longhorn Buckle Leather Belt’s price is approximately 50$. And is available in black and tan colors. They also sell men’s western belts (rhinestone). The Nocona Rhinestone Western Belt for men costs about 100 $. These rhinestone belts are really very impressive. You can wear them anywhere at informal occasions and parties. The Men’s Justin Latigo Leather Ranger Belt costs about 40$.

Now let me tell you about expensive and stylish western belts. Saks Fifth Avenue sells the western-inspired D&G Embossed Leather Belt for $245. And if you guys are looking for an stylish and modern alligator western belt then you can go for Torino Belts Caiman Alligator Leather Belt by Nordstrom which costs about 500$.


Men’s western belts are available at clothing stores. You can find a variety of western belts for men in different colors, sizes and designs. They are also available at fashion stores or you can buy western belts from western-themed stores. Or you can also shop for western belts online while sitting at homes.

Moreover, remember to buy such which is at least one size larger than your waist size. Always prefer wearing the western belt of same color as of your shoes.

In the end, I would say that western belts reflect cow boy’s style and they are durable, comfortable, and no doubt stylish too. I think they are the most stylish gear for a perfect and fit look. When talking about belts, always prefer western belts and impress others by your western inspired identity.