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This is how you should trim long beard

Trim long beard

trim long beard.

Long beard looks stylish, however, only if it is well trimmed. Because only a well styled beard can add an additional star to your personality. So better to trim your facial hairs before it’s too late. And this is what we are going to discuss here today i.e. how to trim long beard in a better way.

This is how you should trim long beard:

However, before we proceed, there are a few things that you have to consider. And this is what we are going to discuss here today. i.e. So be conscious while trimming your beard and go with simple ways of trimming instead of complicated ways. So what are the steps? Here I am going to mention:

  • Washing and cleaning.
  • Decide the length.
  • Cutting with scissor and comb.
  • Making shape with trimmer.
  • Shaving to make clean edges.

Washing and cleaning:

trim long beard.

First of all wash your beard and soft it by any moisturizer so that it get clean and washed. Because a rough damaged and messy beard can’t be trimmed properly and if you try to trim a messy beard you would get an abstract beard finally. So be careful about it that you have to wash, clean and moisturize your beard first before holding any trimming instrument.


trim long beard.

Second step is combing. Comb your beard hairs well from upper hairs to lower hairs and then repeat the same step from back of your beard. Doing this step would arrange all of your beard hairs and make them straight and ready to cut or trim.

Decide the length:

trim long beard.

Do not start trimming your beard without deciding the desired length. Because going straight to trimming without having any idea about the desired length would spoil your beard length. So before going to scissor make sure what length of beard you need.

Cutting with scissor and comb:

trim long beard.

Now hold the comb for guide and comb your hairs and stop at desired length then cut down the hairs which are left below the comb. Repeat the process for the whole beard.

Trim with a trimmer:

trim long beard.

Till now you have trimmed the length of your beard. Now this is the time to trim the messy hairs on your cheeks and neck. Select the desired trimmer and trim the remaining facial and neck hairs. This is optional. Many guys like to shave the remaining hairs. So Its up to you.

Shaving to make clean edge:

Now shave the remaining hairs make the clean edges of your beard. Shaving is compulsory other your beard would not look clean and trimmed. So to give a clean look, shave your cheeks and neck hairs properly and make clean edgy lines.