Beards For Men

Sometimes beard sometimes stubble: Different styles:

Different styles of beard:

Different styles of beard.

“Growing up, the way I looked was very important to me, I was always trying to impress people and when I grew my beard there was certain freedom, a separation getting past this ‘the way I look’, I identified myself as a spiritual seeker”

-Matthew Paul Miller AKA Matisyahu

How you look can sometimes make a great difference, some people tend to judge others by the way they dress, the way they look and the way they carry their selves, everything you do or say does make a difference. So does the different styles in your appearance too, you can be perceived as a young, hearty person if you dress in a certain manner or you can be considered grumpy and moody if you present yourself as someone who doesn’t bother about their appearance. How you look matters too along with your appearance and dressing. With looks come facial hair, how you keep them; short or long, can add a few more definitions to your personality.

Sometimes beard sometimes stubble: Different styles:

Normally a collection of hair on your neck, chin, upper lips and cheeks is considered as a beard, and if you cut the facial hair short you can turn the beard into stubble. The society however, perceives men with beard as aggressive, mature and dominant. On the other hand men without beard or stubble are taken to be as sociable, healthy and concerned with their cleanliness. Studies show that beard is a sign of active testosterone in the body, thus making the human brains recognize that as coming with the potential for more aggression. As a result men with beard are taken as more aggressive and dominant even if their personality has none of these traits.

As long as choosing between a beard and stubble is concerned, you can alter between both of them how and when it seems feasible to you. You can choose beard for the days when you would have to present yourself as a dominating and mature person and especially if you want others to believe they can trust you and rely on you, as you are mature person and might have experience with the issue at hand. Beard can add a few years to your age, you want others to think of you as competent, composed and well groomed then it is suggested that you go for the beard. However the beard needs some tending too, it’s not like you can grow facial hair and not tend to them, yet expect others to perceive you as a groomed person. You want to maintain your personality and be perceived in a positive manner then you would have to make sure your appearance is immaculate and flawless.

Stubble on the other hand is mostly associated with looking attractive and a little mature. Studies have shown that women find the facial stubble the most ‘attractive’ look. The men having slight stubble are considered to have higher social status, greater command and respect over other men in the community and since stubble can add a few years and maturity to your personality, you would be seen as someone who has achieved greater goals in their life. You would be though as someone who is not indifferent to the hardships of other, as you yourself have struggled in your life. You would be approached by other people as a domineering and leading personality. Having stubble is also considered as masculine and manly.

Johnny Weir states:

“I grew my beard out a little bit just to show that, indeed, I am a man.”