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Is it good to have a beard ? – Beard benefits

Is It Good to Have a Beard

Men have always confused about having or not having a beard. The research has finally shown that there are many benefits of having a beard. The research has revealed that growing a beard keeps you your skin young, mosturized and cancer free. Here in this guide (Is it good to have a beard) we will let you know some of the very useful benefits of having a beard.

Is it good to have a beard ? – Beard benefits:

  • Protection from the Sun:

The recent research has shown that the beard blocks almost 95% of the sun’s harmful UV rays. The protection from the sun’s harmful UV rays can protect you from the skin cancer which is the most common cancers of all in the US. The ratio of the people developing skin cancer is 4:5 that is four out of five men are developing cancer becuase of direct sunlight on their face, neck and head.

  • Blemish Free Skin:

The razor causes rashes, acne, folliculitis, which is hair follicle inflamation. The beard keeps the skin free from blemishes and can protect them from ocuring as well. The razor may irritate the skin and can cause the bacteria to spread and cause infection.

  • Masculinity:

The women likes a man to be hairy. The more hair a man has, the more masculine he will appear. The above saying is equally important to the facial hair as well. The masculinity factor has proved through a research published in Evolution and Human Behaviour. If you want to become more masculine than grow a proper beard and if you want to impress female don’t think of razors at least.

Lenght of your beard after 10 days is enough to impress any woman.

  • Moisturized Skin:

The skin naturally has its own moisture building glands. The moisture buiding glands are called oil glands. The beard keeps your skin moisturized by preventing you from rubbing the moisture on your face and also protects your skn from the wind exposure, which can cause redness and dryness.

  • Prevent Allergens:

Your nose hair are very effective for preventing the pollutants away that can cause harm to your body. If your nose hair are that effective then think aboout the beard, how much effective a thick haired beard could be. Make sure that once your grow the beard; wash it daily to clean it from the polluttants it trapped in it.

  • Prevent the Asthma Attack:

Beard can prevent the asthma attack. The people who have asthma problems, may find themselves safe from the asthma triggered pollen and dust by growing a beard. One of the researches has shown that a big beard can prevent asthma attacks.

  • Slows the Aging Process:

The facial hair that is beard can keep the skin young and in good condition. It keeps the skin moisturized by keeping the water for a longer time and protects the skin from wind, dust and other pollutants. The thicker skin is safer than the thinner skin. The same is the case with the beard, the thicker the beard is, the safer your face is.

Things that are natural should not be altered. Allah has given men facial hairs to protect them from enviromental threats. World is growing rapaidly and hence you are more exposed to allergy and other kind of deseases. Surely there are many advantages of having a beard, so have it and keep yourself protected.

Kindly let us know how our guide (Is it good to have a beard) was. We will be waiting for your comments.