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How you should shave to avoid razor bumps ?

How you should shave to avoid razor bumps ?

How youВ should shave?

With your big day at the office or a major day, a face full of bumps would be a big letdown. This could leave you wondering if you could avoid shaving or earn some protection against it. So here we are suggesting the righteous method of how youВ should shave to avoid razor bumps.

How you should shave to avoid razor bumps ?

How you should shave to avoid razor bumps ?

Remember, getting a perfect shave is not about gathering a number of razors, but devising the righteous technique. Below we have enlisted a number of steps on how to shave properly. Follow them to avoid razor bumps and other shave relatedВ side-effects.

  • Picking the finest Razor:

As you begin selecting the razor, there are a number of companies, coming your way. Then there are a couple of razors that are stuffed with a number of blades that seemingly offers great help for a smooth shave. However, the fact is that an extra number of razors, add to the price of the razor and actually they are not needed, as they just add up to the chances of having more shaving bumps. So chose the one with high quality and coming with two or three blades yet with a disposable head.

  • Shave after a splash of hot water:

If one wishes to enjoy a smooth shave, you need to have a nice shaving cream. Let’s consider the importance of water first as some men are seen splashing their face with water before applying the cream, it helps with an easy shave. As one takes up a time to soak one’s face in hot water and steam, the razor would glide rather than being dragged, so going for shaving after a shower is simply the best option.

  • Using a shaving cream:

Try utilizing shaving oil or a shaving cream too enjoys a smooth shave. All you need is one or two drops to be applied to the entire face; you may use the oil singularly or even apply under the cream to avoid bumps. Here, it is important to mention to use a standardized cream that keeps your skin hydrated; otherwise the one that makes your skin dry would give more cuts.

  • Brush, an essential shaving tool:

As you use a shaving cream and apply it with the brush you lift up the hair and prepare for the shaving process, however, if you apply it with fingers, the process is not done properly and leave some here unattended. The better option is to use a brush and cover the entire shaving region, properly and lessening the chances for cuts.

  • Remember, you need to exfoliate your skin:

Exfoliating may be an additional step and helps to correct the skin tone and allow and even improved shave. The use of a facial exfoliator, at least twice a week, removes dead skin otherwise hair may grow back into it. Simply a massage of skin with grainy exfoliator opens up the pore and allows an easy shave.

In addition to all these guidelines, many skin care products are available for men that may aid in smooth shave and help fighting down bumps.

So better adopt all possible means than giving away the shave practice and supporting a beard. Go for above precautions and enjoy a bump free, smooth clean shave look on you face.