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How to soften facial hair in winter season?

Soften facial hair

soften facial hair.

Beard is the best choice in winters. It not only protects and insulates your skin underneath but also give you a fashionable look. But wearing a beard is not enough, you have to carry it perfectly for a better personality. Because, in colds of winter, it causes your beard hairs to get dry and rough. So it’s better, to adopt a stylish beard for a fashionable outlook instead of keeping your personality stalemate. Because if you are really intending to grow a beard, then you have to take an extra care of your hairs. So here I have compiled some easy and basic tips which you should follow which will help you soften facial hair in winter season.

How to soften facial hair in winter season?

Here you go:

  • Pre-bath oiling:

Pre-bath oiling.

Your hairs are made up of protein and this protein structure gets disrupted when warm water is applied to it and dries up your hairs. So before taking a warm bath in winters apply little oil on your beard to cover and nourish it up to avoid bad chemical effects of shampoo as well as warm water. After apply little oil on beard leave it for some time then take a bath but still avoid extra warm water. This practice (PRE BATH OILING) has proven to be very effective, so do have a go at it.

  • After-bath conditioning:


After bath your hairs as well as skin underneath gets dry which weaken your hair follicles. So after taking bath apply conditioner to moisturize your beard hairs. conditioners nourish your beard and once again and keep it soft looking and in place.

  • Brushing:


Brushing after bath and whenever you wash your face is essential. Brushing the beard hair keep your beard hairs smooth straight and in place and avoid rough irregular look of beard hairs.

  • Keep hydrated:

Keep hydrated.

Keep yourself hydrated. Drink enough water to stay hydrated in order to hydrate your beard hairs. Because dryness in your body directly or indirectly affects your body hairs and dries them up which ultimately leads to rough and dry body hairs. so keep drinking enough water if you need a good nourished , hydrated and soft beard.

  • Cleansing:


If your skin underneath your beard is dry and rough it affects the hair follicles of beard hairs and ultimately your hairs starts to get rough and irregular. So to prevent it you need to do cleansing of your skin. Apply a little amount of cleanser and brush it deeply that it touches your skin underneath which will ultimately remove the debris and dead skin layer from your skin and make it healthy and nourished.

  • Trimming:


Trim bad rough hairs after every 2 days to make your beard hairs looking healthy naturally.

  • Chemical applications:

Do not apply chemicals like hair colors on your beard hairs. Because your beard hairs gets rough more early than your head hairs. These chemicals disrupt the chemical structure of your hairs. so avoid chemical applications.