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Facial Hairstyles for Young Men – New style trend

Facial Hairstyles for Young Men

Facial Hairstyles for Young Men – New style trend.

Today we will talk on facial hairstyles for young men.

There was a time when unshaved stubble and half-done beard were considered as the symbol of messy and lazy young men. But now they are in trend and give you a mannish and masculine look.

Even the fashion runways models now prefer to have a good facial hairstyle rather having the clean shave as clean-shave gives you a younger look. Whereas, a mustache or a beard give you rough and more adult look.

While many young-looking men still shy away from making an assurance to their facial hair. The new fashion beards and mustache styles are very attractive to sport. They give you an ultra-charming looks as well.

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Facial hairstyles for young Men – New style trend:


  • Mustaches are that kind of hair which grows on the upper lip area and possibly to the side of the mouth where lips meet.
  • In South Asia young looking men smartly groomed there mustache which is not too thick and does not enlarge beyond your lips.
  • Always properly trim your mustaches so that it won’t fall over your upper lip.
  • For getting the perfect look of your mustaches just follow the curve line of your lips.
  • While trying something new with razor always make a lot inquiries and researches.

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Chin whiskers – Facial hairstyles for young men:

  • This contains hair growth in the chin area and possibly on the double chin area beside the line of the jaw.
  • And also on both sides of the chin as well as the part of the cheek just above the jaw line.
  • Chin whisker style is also known as poet’s beard.
  • If you don’t like your, then chin whiskers is best for your facial flaws.
  • You can also use this technique properly to hide a wide upper lip or to support a short chin.
  • With the help of chin whisker you can also balance some of the pointed features of your face such as a long nose or receding hairline through this look.


Soul patch:

  • Soul patch is tiny area below the lower lip which doesn’t reach the lower lip.
  • Soul patch is also called attilio.
  • В This can be of various sizes.
  • A small-sized soul patch looks great on young looking men.
  • In 50’s and 60’s century this style is very much famous in the musically inspired generation.
  • В Flexibility holds the key to the fame of this low-maintenance look.
  • Remember to neat this hair patch when it starting to convert into a beard.


Chops – Facial hairstyles for young men:

  • This contains hair growth on the cheek area just above the jaw line and in front of the ears.
  • You can get this chop style with the help of an electric razor.
  • В This look came into being in early 19th century.

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  • If you want to try some new facial hairstyle then go with sideburns.
  • Sideburns give a man completely rough look.
  • You can always have a wide range in the ends of your sideburns.
  • Squared-off or pointed end sideburns are very much famous in the music industry.


Lip curtain – Facial hairstyles for young men:

  • Lip curtain is a combination of chops and mustaches.
  • In the lip curtain style mustaches meet the sideburns area at the hairline.
  • For this look, you must use manual razor to neat your facial hair properly.

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Full-beard – Facial hairstyles for young men:

  • Full beard is the mixture of mustache, chin-whiskers and chops.
  • Men want to have full beard need to grow their hair up to 1/4 inch long.
  • Full beard style must be done and maintain properly.


Circle beard:

  • Circle beard is the mixture of mustaches and chin whisker.
  • When they both meet it formed circle.
  • This circle beard style covers above your lip, around your mouth and moreover across your chin.
  • When miniature beard and mustaches combines with each other it form a circle.
  • This is called Goatee and it is a type of circle beard.
  • For Goatee you need good shaving skills.
  • The goatee is the most fashionable facial hairstyles which looks stunning and glamorous on young people.


So young men who want to get a more mature and stylish look must consider having a great looking facial hairstyle.

Facial Hairstyles for Young Men – New style trend.

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