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10 Best Shave Soap For Men


Before the advent of shaving creams, men used shave soaps, and most still prefer them because of the rich soap lather they offer.

The ritual of shaving is one that is individualized by every man. The commonalities include the use of tools, knowledge and technique and products such as quality shave soaps.

Shaving soaps date back as far back as 5,000 years ago when the Sumerians used soap containing ash and oil. They, later on, surfaced back in popularity during the 14th century and were popular items right before World War I. After that, shaving creams took over as the preferred grooming aid for men.

However, most people who regard shaving as a ritualistic male tradition prefer the classic soap shavers. We are on this bandwagon and have lined up for you 15 of the best shave soap for men.

10 Best Shave Soap for Men

1. Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl 

Want only the quality pre-shave skin prep product, look no further than the Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl. The soap contains menthol and Eucalyptus, with Menthol offering a cooling and refreshing sensation, while Eucalyptus tones and purifies. Since 1984, Proraso has provided solutions to a smooth shave for men, and you should let them solve your shaving needs as well.

Features and Specifications:

Natural Product  – This Shave soap is 95% natural, containing only plant-based ingredients. The product contains natural oils and botanical extracts offering protection to your skin throughout the shaving process.

Eucalyptus and Menthol – The classic Proraso Shave Soap comes Formulated with Eucalyptus and Menthol. The Eucalyptus plays the role of toning and purifying your skin. The Menthol provides the cooling and refreshing sensation you want after a shave.

Special Production – The Italian-made Proraso Soap was formulated using a hot soap method. The process involves allowing small batches to mature over ten days, and the result is evaporation of moisture. The product then solidifies and becomes more concentrated.

No Unwanted Chemicals – To keep your skin protected, the Proraso Soap in a Bowl does not contain parabens, silicones, SLS, artificial color, animal-based ingredients and mineral oil.


The Soap offers a rich, concentrated and creamy lather allowing for close shaves without cuts and nicks.
After shaving, the Proraso soap leaves your skin feeling soft and smooth.
It is a great soap for beginners and expert shavers alike.


The soap does take up more water compared to other shave soaps.
The soap lather dries up considerably quickly when it’s on your face.


2. Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap 

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil. Long Lasting 3.8 oz Puck Refill. Himalaya Fragrance. All Natural. Rich Lather, Smooth Comfortable Shave. For Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • ♥ ♥ BUNDLE AND SAVE TODAY: Get 20% OFF when purchased with our Shaving Bowl or Badger Shaving Brush. See promotion below.
  • ♥ American Made Shaving Soap easily creates rich lather: it lubricates razor for a slick, cushioned and comfortable shave. Lather is long lasting unlike many shaving cream, foams and gels which dry out. Ladies Love the Addition of Shea Butter which leaves skin feeling smooth and nicely moisturized, not oily. Won't dry or irritate your skin like many shaving soaps, shaving creams and gels do.
  • Larger in size than average mug shave soaps: will last about 3 - 6 months. 20 seconds in a Microwave fits it to any size shaving mug! Minimal light scent (almost none) which is fresh without being artificial. Ladies seem to like it!
  • This shaving soap is a notch above other shaving products. With minimal all-natural ingredients, it has no artificial color or fragrance, and contains nothing you can't pronounce!
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Click on the add to cart button, up and to the right on this page, NOW!

There isn’t a man who kids around with their shaving process, and the Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap provides the best shave. The Cavendish Himalaya is authentically American and utilizes the old English glycerine base for better lubrication when shaving.

Features and Specifications:

Round Design – The Cavendish Himalaya Soap comes in a round design. The traditional shape calls for the use of a brush shaver and mug giving you that authentic shaving experience.

Ingredients – The main ingredients the soap contains include shea butter, soy extracts, and glycerin. The shea butter revitalizes dry skin by offering moisturization, while the soy conditions the skin making it softer. Glycerin, on the other hand, provides that silky and luxurious lather you love.

Creamy Lather – To help you get closer when shaving, the Cavendish Soap provides a creamy and rich lather.

Softens Beards – The soap comes with skin-softening capabilities. The softening provides a smooth base for shaving and offers a silky soft finish.


The Cavendish Himalaya Soap is a natural product.
It smoothens and leaves the skin silky soft.
The Himalaya soap comes packaged as a puck and taller as well compared to most other shave soaps out there.


The smell is on the neutral side.


3. Proraso Shaving Soap for Sensitive Skin In a Bowl 

Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Sensitive Skin, 5.2 oz
  • Formulated for sensitive skin
  • Provides a cream lather to soften the skin for a close shave without causing irritation
  • Natural-based formulation without mineral oils or artificial colors
  • No parabens, no silicons, no mineral oils
  • Made in Italy

One thing is indisputable; men have to shave. What about the person with sensitive skin who has tried all shave products out there but still gets the nicks and cuts? Proraso Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin offers a shaving solution for men with sensitive skin.

Features and Specifications:

Formulation – The Proraso Shave Soap comes specially formulated for sensitive skin. The product features only skin-friendly formulations to prevent irritation.

Principal components  – The product contains Green tea and oatmeal extract as the main components. The oatmeal protects and soothes sensitive, inflamed skin. Green tea acts as a natural antioxidant that delivers minerals and polyphenols to the skin.

Cream Lather – For a softer and smoother skin, the Proraso Shave Soap forms a cream lather. The soap lather allows you to go in for a closer shave.

Natural Products – The Italian-made Proraso Soap contains natural-based components. It does not include artificial colors, mineral oils, parabens or silicones.

Scent – The shave soap gives off a light hint of apple and lime scents.


The Proraso Shaving Soap For Sensitive Skin offers the smoothest shave and high level of protection.
It functions as great cream and soap combo for wet shaving.


Not every man will like the accompanying tingle sensation the soap features.
The shave soap could have incorporated a little more lubricant.


4. Col. Conk 2.25 Ounces Shave Soap 

Col. Conk Shave Soap 2.25 Ounces (Variety 4 Pack)
  • Variety of four different fragrances
  • Each shaving cake is 2.25 ounces
  • A thick and rich lather
  • Ideal to use with a shaving brush
  • Made in the USA

Col. Conk has a long-standing history of offering the best shaving products. Their reputation precedes them for offering soaps with a generous and gentle lather that last longer. Their 4 Pack Shave Soap will help you have an uncomplicated shaving experience

Features and Specifications:

4 Pack (4 Pucks) – The Col. Conk 4 Pack features four soap pucks. Each of the soap pieces comes in a 2.25-ounce cake. It carries Lime, Almond, Bay Rum and Amber Col. Conk shave soaps.

Thick Lather – To help you get a closer and smoother shave, the soaps offer rich and thick lather. With more soap lather, you will be more protected from nicks and cuts.

USA-Made – Col. Conk is a quintessentially USA brand and the soaps are USA-made.

Scent – The soaps feature light, masculine scents.


The pack offers four soaps offering diversity and different scents.
Having the4 pack means that the shave soaps last four times longer.


The shave soaps dry up quite quickly.


5. Col. Conk Bay Rum Shaving Soap 

Col. Conk Worlds Famous Shaving Soap, Bay Rum (Net Weight 2.25 Oz)
  • Bay Rum Scent
  • Contains: Contains: Avocado Oil and Vitamin E
  • Net Weight 2.25 oz.
  • 2 1/2" Diameter by 1" Tall

There isn’t a more American and masculine shave soap like the Col. Conk Bay Rum Shaving Soap. There isn’t a better tag to describe the Bay Rum than the ‘World Famous Shaving Soap.’ For the man who wants a clean, smooth shave, give the Col. Conk Bay Rum a try.

Features and Specifications:

Formulation – The Bay Rum Shave Soap contains a blend of Jamaican Rum and tropical bay leaves hence dubbed ‘Bay Rum.’

Rich Lather – The soap produces a rich and thick lather. The thick soap lather promotes a smoother glide while shaving.

Old Barbershop Scent – Who doesn’t love that old barbershop scent? Men want masculine scents, and the Bay Rum offers just that in the right dose.

Measurements – To last you longer, the soap comes as a sizeable cake. The Bay Rum soap measures 2 1/2 inches in diameter by 1 inch tall.


The Bay Rum comes at an affordable price making it ideal for both beginners and professional wet shavers alike.


The slickness of the Bay Rum soap might vary, but it does come dryer than most triple milled shave soaps.
You would need a shaving mug to use this soap because it doesn’t come packaged in a bowl that you can use.


6. Proraso Shave Soap in a Bowl 5.2 oz 

Proraso Shaving Soap in a Bowl, Moisturizing and Nourishing, 5.2 oz
  • Set includes: Four (4) shaving soap sticks
  • Brand: La Toja
  • Size: 50 grams

When shaving becomes a pleasurable experience, it is undeniable that Proraso has a hand in it. Proraso’s reputation in delivering high-performing and quality shaving products is well known. The Proraso Nourishing and Moisturizing Shaving Soap holds up to the brand’s reputation.

Features and Specifications:

Formulation – The Proraso Shave Soap comes enriched with Shea Butter and Sandalwood oil to nourish and moisturize the skin. The Shea Butter softens up your skin as well as coarse, thick beard allowing the blade to glide through smoothly. The Sandalwood oil offers a soothing and calming effect.

Hot Soap Production  – The Shave Soap is made using Proraso’s ‘Hot Soap’ production process. The process results in a shave soap with excellent soap lather production.

Cruelty-Free – Customary to all Proraso products, the shave soap features 95% natural-based ingredients. The shave soap does not include silicones, parabens, mineral oils or SLS.

Scent – The shave soap comes with a woodsy, earthy scent because of the sandalwood.


The shave soap produces amazing foam that takes less than a minute to whip up with a good boar brush.
The scent isn’t heavy and lingers on for a few hours.


The soap lather could be thicker and offer better blade glide through when shaving.


7. Williams Mug 12 Count Shaving Soap

Williams Mug Shaving Soap, 12 Count
  • Pack of 12, Each 1.75 oz
  • It is a long lasting lather and leaves your skin soft and smooth.
  • Williams Mug Shaving Soap Long lasting lather.

Wiliams has been helping men shave for decades with their selections of wonderful shaving products. The Williams products have maintained their quality making them a favorite amongst men of all ages. For a tried-and-tested quality shave soap, give the Williams Mug 12 Count Soap a try.

Features and Specifications:

Ingredients – The Williams soaps come formulated with Sodium Cocate, Potassium Stearate, and Sodium Tallowate.

Lasting Lather – The Williams soaps offer a long lasting lather. The soap lather leaves the skin feeling smoother and softer.

12 Soaps – The pack comes with 12 soap pieces each 1.75 oz.

Non Drying – The soaps do not dry up on the face. The foam holds up till you finish shaving.


The Williams shave soap has a long-standing history as a trusted brand, and it never fails to deliver a quality shaving experience.
The shave soap is inexpensive and offers high-performance making it one of the best out there.


The soap lather could be thicker and foam more cushiony.
After a shave, the soap leaves a tingling sensation that isn’t welcomed by most men.


8. Williams Mug 3 Count Shaving Soap

Williams Mug Shaving Soap, 3 Count
  • It is a long lasting lather and leaves your skin soft and smooth
  • Williams Mug Shaving Soap Long lasting lather
  • Does not dry on your face, but leaves skin soft and smooth.

Williams has been serving the needs of wet shavers for years and years now. The Williams soaps feature amongst the list of most trusted and best shave soap brands. For that reliable wet shave product, try the Williams Mug 3 Count Shaving Soap.

Features and Specifications:

Ingredients – The Williams Mug 3 Count Shaving Soap comes formulated with Sodium Cocoate, Sodium Tallowate, and Potassium Stearate.

3 Pack – The package comes with three shave soap pieces. Having three soap pieces means that they will serve you longer.

Lasting Lather – The Williams Shave Soap produces a lasting lather that leaves the skin smoother and softer.

Non-Drying – The shave soap does not dry up the face. The soap instead leaves your skin feeling smooth and soft.


The Williams shave soap offers the shaving solution you need with maximum lubrication.
It is one of the inexpensive yet effective shave soaps out there.


It isn’t the easiest shave soaps to lather up.
The foam isn’t thick and creamy as expected.


9. WSP Luxury Rustic Vegan Shaving Soap 

WSP Rustic Shaving Soap (Sandalwood) 4.4 Oz in Tin Artisan Made in America Using Vegan Natural Ingredients
  • Get a nice close shave with this shaving soap. The lather builds up quickly, has great cushioning and glide, and the smell is amazing.
  • Natural vegan soap is gentle on the skin. Free of synthetic dyes & preservatives.
  • Wide mouth tin makes loading & storage easy.
  • Concentrated Soap Formula lasts longer. No water filler. 125 grams, 4.4 ounces by weight.
  • Made in America using the following natural & vegan ingredients: Stearic Acid, Water, Coconut Oil, Potassium Hydroxide, Glycerin, Fragrance.

There are three main things that any man looks for out of a good shave soap. The combination of richness of the soap lather, cushioning and glide constitutes to a good shave soap. The WSP Luxury Rustic Vegan Shaving Soap meets all these requirements of a great shaving soap.

Features and Specifications:

Natural Soap – The WSP Luxury Shave Soap comes formulated with natural vegan ingredients.  The soap contains Glycerin, Stearic Acid, Potassium Hydroxide, Coconut Oil, Fragrance, and Water.  The WSP soap doesn’t come with any preservatives or synthetic dyes.

Tin Package – The soap comes packaged in a tin. The wide-mouth of the tin enables easy storage and loading of the soap. The soap weighs 125 grams and weighs 4.4 ounces.

Concentrated Soap – Delivered in a high concentration, the soap lather lasts longer. The soap does not contain a water-based filler.


The WSP Luxury Vegan Shave Soap loads up fast and lathers equally fast.
The shave soap delivers a rich lather.


It doesn’t quite lean on the rustic, manly side of scents that most men prefer.
The scent does not last on the skin for long.


10. Sir Hare Shaving Soap

Sir Hare Shaving Soap for Men
  • Tallow based shaving soap creates a protective lather and lubricates any razor for a smooth and irritation free shave. Leaves you with the closest shave ever.
  • 4 full ounces of shaving soap in 8 ounce container. No need for shaving bowl. Provides more than 100 luxury shaves. Waterproof labels will continue looking great even after months of use
  • Hand Made and hand poured in the U.S. in small batches for the best quality. All natural ingredients and free of synthetic preservatives. Great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Reduced friction helps reduces chance for razor bumps or rashes while shaving
  • Old fashioned barbershop scent that is Fresh and Clean with hints of Bergamot, Oakmoss, and Cedarwood.
  • Shaving should be an experience and not a chore. Better Upgrade your shave today and buy with confidence with our no hassle money back guarantee. Support our small business by clicking on the add to cart up and to the right and you'll be glad you did

The Sir Hare line of shaving soaps tops the list of best-wet shavers in the market. The soaps feature individual hand crafting, making them as personalizes as they come, and they also come packed in attractive containers. Made of some of the highest quality ingredients, the Sir Hare Shaving Soap is definitely worth giving a try.

Features and Specifications:

Packaging – The Sir Hare Shave Soap comes in a 4-ounce cake packed in an 8-ounce tin. The tin functions as a shaving bowl. The waterproof labels of the tin keep the tin looking perfect for long.

Handcrafted Soap – Delivered as handcrafted pieces of soap, the Sir Hare shaving soaps could be the most individualized pieces of soap. The US brand works great on all skin types.

Creamy Lather – The soap produces a creamy and thick lather. The rich soap lather offers protection to your skin while shaving.

Barbershop Scent – The soap features the favorite old barbershop manly scent. The shave soap delivers hints of Oakmoss, Cedarwood, and Bergamot.


The Sir Hare soap has received scores of great reviews because it is simply that great shaving soap.
The manly scent is just right; not overpowering and lingers on long enough.


Building up a sizeable amount of soap lather depends on the technique used with this wet shaver.


A History of Shaving and Shaving Tools

It is interesting to think about the stone-age man deciding that maybe it was time to trim the facial hairs. However, the history of shaving can go all the way back to 3000BC.

During the 3000BC period, documentation has it that crude tools such as shark teeth, shells and flint were used to trim facial hair. As for skin conditioners, animal fat would be lathered up on the face before shaving. However, this was the time when the fashioning of tools out of copper began, and this gave birth to crude forms of blades.

By 1928, Jacob Schick had invented the electric razor transforming how men groomed their facial hairs.

From 1949 all the way to the 20th century, the skin prep people did before shaving involved using a shaving brush and soap. Brushless ‘aerosol shaving creams’ came up in the 1950s. The spray cream format has still been in use up to date.

Recent discoveries have found that these aerosol propellants are not useful to facial skin and cause irritation and dryness. Men are equally fed up with the high cost of shaving tools, and this has sparked the need to return to old cost effective facial hair grooming methods. Most men are now diving right back to the old tried-and-tested shave soaps.

The shaving soap manufacturing process has held up over the years. To make the soap, fats, and oils get boiled in alkalis solutions, that is either potassium hydroxides or sodium, to form the soap base.

Packaging and Use of Shave Soaps

How to use the best shave soap for men?

Conventional shave soaps come in round-puck designs, and rounded bottoms for use with shaving scuttles. You will be able to distinguish shave soaps from ordinary body soaps based on their designs. While body soaps may come in rectangular and oval shapes, shaving soaps almost exclusively come in round or stick designs.

However, some shave soaps feature flat bottoms intended for utilization in mugs. The high-end brands come packaged in ceramic or wood-based dishes.

Variations of shaving soaps feature stick designs that come packaged wrapped in foil or plastic tubes.

Shaving soaps work hand in hand with shaving brushes, which are used to form the soap lather used while shaving. The brush would need soaking in water for use with bar or puck style hard soaps. The brush would then be swirled using a level of vigor over the soap’s surface to form the soap lather.

Shaving sticks, on the other hand, are rubbed directly on the face to coat it with soap. Shaver’s then use moistened brushes to lather up. Shaving sticks come in handy when traveling.

How to Spot a Good Shaving Soap

Shaving soaps do not come created equal, but there are a few things that separate the best from the rest.

Quality shave soaps come with high-fat levels and glycerine, and the type of fat we are referring to is tallow or vegetable fat. The glycerine should be derived from vegetable oil because it functions as a humectant. Humectants lock water in the skin and hydrate it.

Humectants also serve as emollients, and therefore, soften the beard while leaving the skin moisturized and smooth.

The content of fat found in the soap will play a role in ensuring that the skin is well lubricated and protected while shaving. With ample lubrication and protection irritations and nicking will be at a minimum.

It is important to be wary of the cheaper brands, not that they are not effective, but you should give their formulations a closer look. Soaps with 30 to 50% fat content would be a good shaving choice. However, since most brands don’t put this information on the product, you might have to try and test a few.

Look for triple-milled soaps because they will increase the profuseness of foam and lather production.Finding five-rolled/milled soaps from German manufacturer Klar is possible.

The Pros of Using Shave Soaps over Aerosol Shave Creams

Shave soaps offer better hydration and optimal whiskers softening compared to aerosol-based shaving creams.

The shaving soap works efficiently to remove oil from the filaments allowing water to penetrate the facial hairs more easily. The result is easier shaving of the facial hairs.

When it comes to traveling, you can get past TSA with no fuss because shaving soaps are allowed on carry-ons. Issues such as accidental discharges do not exist with shaving soaps.

Shaving soaps also have by far much less ecological impact compared to their aerosol cream counterparts.

The Disadvantages of Using Shave Soaps

For a product that usage goes back hundreds, if not thousands, of years there are few disadvantages of using shave soaps. The only disadvantages would be the space consumption and convenience attached to using shaving soaps.

Preparing the soap lather can be time-consuming as well. The need for lather bowls and shaving mugs adds on to shaving time and consumes up space.

The cost attached to the initial purchase of shaving soaps can get significantly high. However, by using bowls and mugs that you already have in your kitchen, these costs may go down.


Best shave soap will improve your shaving experience through the roof.

As long as men have a beard, there will always be that need to shave. Shaving is one of those rituals most people savor, and it goes without saying that it deserves the use of nothing but the best shaving products. For that man who holds on to tradition, shave soaps hold the answer to a great shaving experience.

Whether you are a seasoned wet shaver or new to it, our list of best shave soaps and a guide to using them will have you sorted out.

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