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10 Best Coconut Oil For Beard In 2017


A man with a beard can exude two different personas. On one hand, he can look powerful, cool and confident. On the other hand, he can look rough and dirty. Good beard grooming is what separates both and coconut oil is the magic that goes with it.

Coconut is widely grown in tropical countries and is a produce of the coconut palm tree. When the meat of the coconut is squeezed, coconut oil is extracted.  Coconut oil contains a bit of Vitamins E and K and is rich in iron. Coconut oil is available commercially either as virgin coconut oil which is edible and refined coconut oil that is inedible.

Now that you are convinced of the benefits your beard will get out of coconut oil, here are the top coconut oil for beard products you can choose from:

1. Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil 

Henry Cavendish Himalaya Shaving Soap with Shea Butter & Coconut Oil. Long Lasting 3.8 oz Puck Refill. Himalaya Fragrance. All Natural. Rich Lather, Smooth Comfortable Shave. For Ladies and Gentlemen.
  • ♥ ♥ BUNDLE AND SAVE TODAY: Get 20% OFF when purchased with our Shaving Bowl or Badger Shaving Brush. See promotion below.
  • ♥ American Made Shaving Soap easily creates rich lather: it lubricates razor for a slick, cushioned and comfortable shave. Lather is long lasting unlike many shaving cream, foams and gels which dry out. Ladies Love the Addition of Shea Butter which leaves skin feeling smooth and nicely moisturized, not oily. Won't dry or irritate your skin like many shaving soaps, shaving creams and gels do.
  • Larger in size than average mug shave soaps: will last about 3 - 6 months. 20 seconds in a Microwave fits it to any size shaving mug! Minimal light scent (almost none) which is fresh without being artificial. Ladies seem to like it!
  • This shaving soap is a notch above other shaving products. With minimal all-natural ingredients, it has no artificial color or fragrance, and contains nothing you can't pronounce!
  • 100% Satisfaction Money Back Guarantee. Click on the add to cart button, up and to the right on this page, NOW!

This shaving soap for men has the quality that would put to shame cheap shaving creams. This shaving soap with Shea butter and Coconut oil glides smoothly on the face moisturizing the skin and softening the beard. This is exactly what men who use straight or DE razors always like in a shaving soap.

Being an all-natural shaving soap, it will not cause any after shaving irritation or discomfort. Using this shaving soap will relive the feeling of a relaxing shave men used to get from barber shops  It is long lasting (about 3-6 months per bar) very affordable, too.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients

  • Shea Butter for moisturizing the skin leaving it smooth and smooth.
  • Coconut Oil for moisturizing, softening and removing dead skin cells leaving your skin cleaner and lighter.
  • Soy leaves your skin soft.
  • Glycerin allows the soap to have a silky lather.

Creamy Lather – The creamy lather of this soup makes it easy for the whiskers and the beard to be trimmed because they become softer.

Great Lubricant – This shaving soap helps the razor glide swiftly through the skin. This eliminates the possibilities of any razor burns or cuts while shaving.

No Oily Feel after Shaving – Coconut oil is an excellent cleanser and good in preventing oiliness. The same goes with Shea butter. Thus after using this shaving soap, there is no oily after feel.

All Natural Ingredients – This shaving soap does not contain any toxins and synthetic ingredients.

Elegant and Light Scent – The Himalaya perfume oil is one of the top-selling fragrances for men. Being light in scent, it gives off a light and fresh scent.


Lathers easily for a smooth shave
All natural ingredients
Larger than average shave soaps (mug)


Simply comes in a box. Should have been packaged in a bowl or tin


2. Beard Balm – All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner 

Beard Balm - All Natural Easy-to-Use Leave-in Beard Conditioner - Handmade in Detroit - Original Scent
  • The Easiest Way to Grow an Awesome Beard.
  • Perfect for beard growing beginners and veterans alike.
  • Softens whiskers, relieves dry, itchy skin, controls frizz and tangles, prevents split ends, reduces patchiness
  • Only the best ingredients available: fair trade, organic, pesticide free, good for the earth
  • Our popular original scent - a blend of lemon peel, eucalyptus leaf, and geranium flower

This beard conditioner is a combination of coconut oil with lanolin, grape seed and beeswax. These ingredients work together to make this product a moisturizer that lasts long while being easy to use. It makes your beard manageable and easy to style. It allows you to grow an attractive and healthy beard.

This leave-in conditioner contains all natural ingredients that will leave your beard tangle-free and split ends free. It will also make your whiskers and beard soft while relieving itchiness and preventing dry skin. It works great for any beard length. This product is hand-made and uses only organic and certified fair trade coconut oil.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – Coconut oil, lanolin, grape seed and beeswax combined with eucalyptus oil, geranium oil and lemon oil sourced from different parts of the world combine to moisturize your beard and allows you to style your beard in any way you like. All oils are natural and grown organically. Lanolin is the only chemical added but it gives great benefits to your beard and skin. This product does not contain any additives or fillers.

Hydrates Beard and Skin – This leave-in conditioner moisturizes your beard and skin to provide the best solution for dry skin, dandruff and itchiness.

Healthy Beard Growth – The all natural ingredients combine to create a quick absorbing formula ensuring a healthy and strong beard growth.

Restores Beard Naturally – This leave-in conditioner is a radical solution to brittle, dry and kinky beard while leaving your skin looking smooth and healthy.

Hand-made to Perfection – This product is crafted by hand using natural and old fashion techniques. This ensures the right quantity and mix of ingredients. This is the secret to a neat and fresh beard.


Hand-made to ensure a quality and personalized product
Comes with a unique scent (lemon peel, geranium flower and eucalyptus leaf) to ensure you smell fresh the entire day
Minimizes rituals of daily shaving as an attractive and long beard becomes easy to control


Not good in holding beard in place
Can be oily to the skin. Oiliness is, however, good for beard growth


3. Spartans Den Premium Beard Shampoo 

SALE | Spartans Den Premium Beard Shampoo 8oz | Best Beard Wash to Fight Dandruff & Itchiness, Soften, Cleanse, Promote Beard Growth | Classic Scent
  • ADVANCED FORMULA: Eliminates impurities without over-drying your facial hair. Promotes healthy growth and leaves behind a clean masculine scent.
  • SOOTHE & CALM YOUR SKIN: Beard shampoo alleviates itching and eliminates dandruff and flakiness
  • PREMIUM INGREDIENTS: Enriched with Coconut and Shea plus Aloe Vera, provides benefits without the heavy residue and dryness.
  • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED We stand behind the quality of our beard grooming & beard growth products 100%.
  • UNPARALLELED QUALITY: Our wash is handcrafted in small batches for a much higher level of quality control

If your hair needs to be shampooed, so does your beard. This shampoo from Spartans Den is light on your skin and beard and can be tough in dealing with grime and dirt in your beard.  This beard shampoo contains coconut oil with Shea Butter and Aloe Vera to make your beard look great and healthy without being dry and dirty.

For budget-conscious men who want a product to maintain the looks and health of their beard, this product may be perfect. It is enriched with loads of natural oils that moisturizes and stimulates your beard and skin for that perfect look and feel. This beard shampoo keeps your beard at its healthiest form and makes it easy to manage, too.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – Coconut oil, Aloe Vera, Shea Olein and Fragrance. Coconut oil is known as an effective ingredient in preventing hair loss because it nourishes and penetrates deep into the roots of the hair. Aloe Vera, on the other hand, is a proven ingredient for preventing skin inflammation and allergies.

Specially Formulated for Beard – This shampoo is not your regular hair in the head shampoo. It is formulated especially for your beard. It purifies your beard deeply and at the same time moisturizes your skin and beard.

Itchiness and Dandruff Prevention  – If you are experiencing some itchiness and dandruff in your beard, it may be time to shift to this Spartans Den premium shampoo. Its key ingredients control dandruff and prevent itchiness.

Silk and Healthy Beard Growth – This product does a superb job in making your beard soft, healthy and silky. By eliminating flakes due to dry skin and lessening the appearance of dandruff, your beard will grow faster and thicker.

Masculine Scent – This beard shampoo comes with a scent that is perfect to show the male machismo. Red grapefruit, hot amber and wood exude character and masculinity.


Enhances the growth of your beard
Moisturizes and cleanses your beard
Brings out the fullness of your beard


Contains some harmful ingredients
It does not work for everyone
The ALS and SLES ingredients tend to make the beard itchy and dry


4. Fat Savage Premium Beard Oil & Leave-In Conditioner 

This beard oil and leave-in conditioner is handcrafted and made from 100% all natural ingredients. The product is made only from the highest grade coconut oil along other major essential oils to give your beard a moisturized and invigorating look and feel. This special blend eradicates itchiness and will make your beard soft while making it look interestingly shiny.

Using this product will bring your beard to the next level in terms of health and appearance. You will be happy that this time your beard is getting the care it deserves. It does not contain any harmful ingredients.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – Fractionated Coconut Oil, Jojoba Oil, Argan Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Hempseed Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Avocado Oil and Fragrance Oils. All these natural ingredients combine to give you a moisturized and well-conditioned beard that will be the envy of a lot.

Long Lasting Masculine Scent – When it comes to what you apply on your face, may it be waxes, oils or anything, you will always be particular with the smell. With this Fat Savage produce, expect only the cleanest and most masculine scent that will remain with you the entire day. The scent is mild enough to remind you that your beard is well-groomed.

Prevents Itchiness – Being a moisturizer with all natural ingredients, this product will keep your beard healthy and strong without any itchiness.

Soft but Not Too Shiny Beard – Coconut oil blended with all the best oils ensures you are getting a superior product that will make your beard look and feel soft but not too shiny to attract too much attention.

No Mess Press Type Applicator – The container of this product comes with a pump. This is a mess-free and cost efficient way to keep the oil where it should be – on your beard and not on your palm.  The pump on the top of the container comes with a plastic lid to make sure the oil does not leak or spill even if placed in a traveling bag.

Best Value for Money – A 2-ounce beard oil priced similar to other oils with half its size. This is one of the best value for money men’s grooming product.


Made from 100% all natural ingredients
Contains the best ingredients needed for a well-conditioned and maintained a beard
Awesome smell
Leaves your beard soft


The amazing smell upon application but after a few minutes, it starts to smell awful
While it makes the beard soft, it does not make the beard look tame


5. Spartans Den Premium Beard Balm with Coconut Oil and Vitamin E 

Spartans Den Premium Beard Balm For Men | Coconut Oil & Vitamin E Infused | Best Conditioner For Grooming, Growth, Soften, Itch & Tame - Classic Scent 2oz
  • • PAMPER YOUR BEARD: Our leave in beard conditioner balm softens, repairs and conditions with every use, giving you silkier, easier to manage growth
  • • SUPPORT A HEALTHY BEARD & SKIN: Our beard conditioner protects facial hair and skin from damage with antioxidant vitamin E. The vitamin is a natural anti-inflammatory agent that calms skin irritation to ease itchiness and dryness
  • • EXPERIENCE THE SCENT: The unique masculine scent of our formula makes it a true delight to wear! It's unlike the fragrance of any of the beard balms on the market today!
  • • SO SIMPLE TO USE: Just work the beard balm through your beard as a part of your daily grooming routine! Use it along with other Spartans Den products for complete beard care
  • • SATISFACTION GUARANTEED: Our formula is made to be the best beard balm online! If you don't agree, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund

When your beard is turning unruly, dry, or prone to breakage,  it is time you consider a beard balm to remedy the situation before it gets worst. This beard balm from Spartans Den will greatly help improve the appearance and health of your beard and at the same time keep your skin looking and feeling awesome.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – Vitamin E, Coconut oil combined with Aloe Vera, Oil, Jojoba Oil, Soybean Oil, Grapeseed Oil, Apricot Oil , Sunflower Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Soybean Oil,  Shea Butter, Cocoa Butter, Beeswax and Redwood, Amber and other Signature fragrances. All these ingredients combine to make your beard healthy, soft, smooth and manageable

Protects Beard and Skin from Free Radicals – Free radicals can cause dryness and itchiness and they can damage your beard and skin. The Vitamin E content of this product protects your beard from free radicals. Vitamin E is an antioxidant that deals with skin irritation and dryness. Vitamin E also protects your skin.

Softens and Conditions Beard – Coconut Oil and the rest of the top grade ingredients softens and conditions your beard. When applied every day to your beard it will be easy to manage its growth. Your beard will also appear silkier.

Repairs Damaged Hair – The coconut oil and Aloe Vera content of this beard balm repairs damaged hair. With reduced hair damage, your beard will experience enhanced growth.

Allows Your Hair to be Easily Styled – Since this beard balm moisturizes and makes your beard smooth, it becomes easy to handle and manage. You can easily comb and style your beard anyway you want.

Non-Grease – This beard balm will not leave your beard and skin oily after use.

Unique Scent – The exotic scent of Redwood, Amber and other Signature fragrances will enhance your masculine appeal. The scent will not clash with your cologne.

Easy to Use – This beard balm and leave-in conditioner come in the right smooth consistency making it easy to run it through your beard.


Easy to apply
Good consistency with the fresh coconut-like smell


Some find it too thick and hard to spread
Contains too much perfume
Requires twice the amount as compared to other beard balms to achieve the same results


6. Taconic Shave Shaving Cream with Organic Oils 

Taconic Shave LIME Shaving Cream, Creates a Rich and Luxurious Lather - 4 oz. - MADE IN THE USA
  • An extremely rich and luxurious shaving cream
  • Generates a thick long lasting lather -- Excellent with a badger shave brush.
  • Super oncentrated...a little goes a long way!
  • Softens and moisturizes your beard and skin for an incredible shave
  • Made in the USA by a shave soap/shave cream artisan!

This shaving cream creates a rich lather for a great shave. You can use your fingers to apply this shaving cream but when used with a brush, the creamiest of lather is created. This product is made from 100% organic ingredients. It is not only an ideal shaving cream for your whiskers, it is also good for your skin.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – Made by artisan shave cream and shave soap makers in the US, this shaving cream features coconut oil, organic honey and a good number of organic ingredients. The all organic ingredients nourishes and protects your skin leaving a cool and refreshing scent.

Thick and Long Lasting Lather – A thick lather is excellently produced when used with a badger shave brush. You can also not use a brush but your fingers instead. Either way, you will be able to experience a long lasting lather for a great shave.

Highly Concentrated Formulation – This shaving cream comes in a highly concentrated formulation. A nickel size amount of cream can produce the rich lather you need to shave. That makes the 4 oz content of the bottle last for several months.

Moisturizes and Softens Your Beard – This shaving cream moisturizes your beard and face. Hydrating your beard makes it easy to handle. It will be free of tangles and will allow you to style your beard in any way you desire.


You can use it with a brush or your fingers
Highly concentrated requiring just a small amount of cream each shave


Cream at the near bottom of the tub dries out


7. Beard Balm/Conditioner by Happy Beards  

Beard Balm/Conditioner by Happy Beards (2 oz) - Leave In Conditioner/Softener for Men - Best Beard Oil Alternative That Is: Handcrafted in USA, Will Shape,Soften,Condition and Groom Your Beard.
  • 100% ALL NATURAL INGREDIENTS - Nothing but the very best natural ingredients for our powerful formula.
  • BEST Beard Balm - Satisfaction Guaranteed!
  • STRENGTHENS - Feeds your beard just what it needs to become a strong Happy Beard!
  • SUBTLE SCENT - Crafted with a subtle manly woodsy scent.
  • ENHANCES GROWTH - Helps nurture your beard daily to promote healthy growth.

This beard balm comes in an easy to open the tin. When you open the tin, you will immediately be met by the soothing aroma of this product. This balm comes with a thick texture but is easy to apply and spread on the beard.  It provides just the right feel without any greasiness. The best thing about this beard balm is it keeps unruly hair in place for that all attractive look. This product comes in a blend of 100% all natural ingredients that will make your beard healthy and look exceptionally attractive. If you want to have a soft, healthy and attractive beard, this one is for you.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – This Beard balm and conditioner contains the purest blend of coconut oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, beeswax, Eucalyptus and other essential oils. All ingredients are 100% natural. This product is handcrafted to perfection.

Enhances Beard Growth – With frequent use, this beard balm and conditioner that will make your beard as healthy as it can get. A healthy beard grows fast.

Manageable Beard – This product will help your beard stay full and in in shape. It will keep stray hairs in place for an attractive and confident look.

Prevents Itchiness – New hair growth often causes itchiness. So does rough and dry beards. With this beard balm and conditioner, itchiness is completely eliminated to keep your beard and yourself happy.

Strengthens Beard – This beard balm feeds your beard with all the nutrients it needs to be healthy. A healthy beard is a good-looking beard.


Keeps beard manageable and nourished
Does not leave your beard oily


Balm tends to be stiff during first few uses


8. RejuveNaturals Organic Beard Oil with Argan, Jojoba & Fractionated Coconut Oil 

Certified Organic Beard Oil with Argan, Jojoba & Fractionated Coconut Oil by RejuveNaturals, 2 oz | For a Long, Thick Beard and Healthy Growth | Unscented
  • Oleotherapy oil contains only 100% USDA/ECOCERT-Certified organic carrier oils. It's the REAL DEAL!
  • Sunflower, argan & fractionated coconut oil combine to deeply moisturize dry, brittle facial hair.
  • Intensely concentrated formula helps prevent hair breakage, itchy skin & unsightly dandruff.
  • Want a longer, thicker beard-faster? Promotes healthy hair growth as well as healthy skin.
  • Non-greasy formula won't leave hair oily & gives your beard a fresh, young, robust appearance.

This unscented beard oil is 100% organic. It is not greasy and comes with anti-aging features. This oil does not come with a scent so it can be enjoyed without a smell that can sometimes be irritating. Applying this beard oil will allow your beard to grow healthily. It will also cause your beard to be thick and full. It eliminates the dryness of your beard and it will not cause any itchiness on your skin.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – This beard oil is an all organic formulation of Sunflower, fractionated coconut oil, jojoba and argan oil. It is further infused with Vitamin E. All these organic ingredients work to create beard that is highly moisturized and rich in nutrients. This beard oil does not contain any fragrances, preservatives and fillers. It also does not contain parabens and GMOs which have harmful effects. All ingredients are certified as 100 % organic by the USDA and ECOCERT

Concentrated Formulation – Being an all organic beard oil it comes with a concentrated formulation. These ingredients combine to keep hair breakage to a minimum or even prevent it altogether. It also prevents the disgusting appearance of dandruff. It also prevents skin itchiness.

Enhances Hair Growth – This beard oil contains optimum levels of vitamins and minerals. It also contains oleic acid which is an antioxidant. These ingredients allow for a healthy and fast growth of your beard. Frequent use of this beard oil will also prevent your beard from prematurely growing gray hair

Sparkling Shine – A good shine makes your beard extremely attractive. Since this beard oil prevents your beard from developing dry and coarse hair, your beard will always look shiny.


Tames stray hair
Good moisturizer
Nice shine
Comes with an easy to use the sprayer


Does not smell good


9. Dancing Man Apothecary Beard Oil and Natural Conditioner

Beard Oil and Natural Conditioner for Best Results | Fragrance Free | Handcrafted Coconut and Organic Argan Oil From Morocco | Non-Comodogenic / Non Greasy Formula, No Clogged Pores
  • Fragrance Free, no aroma because it's wearable for any occasion
  • Crafted in small batches for their naturally occuring oleic, linoleic, capric and caprillyc acids because they've been used for centuries and are excellent for healthy hair and skin
  • Non comodogenic (Won't clog your pores), light weight and non-greasy so your beard and mustache feel fresh all day
  • All Natural, Eco-Friendly, No Artificial Ingredients. Just what works.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee - Moisturizes skin, hydrates facial hair naturally. No Artificial Ingredients. Vegan Friendly. Paleo Friendly. Life Friendly.

This beard and conditioner from Dancing Man Apothecary moisturize your beard all the way to the roots so you can have the best beard possible.  This beard oil is handcrafted to perfection and all ingredients are natural and eco-friendly. No artificial ingredients are included. This beard oil provides the best value for money as this small 30 ml bottle with a dropper is good for up to 8 weeks of use.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – This beard oil which is also a natural conditioner is handcrafted with 100% natural Coconut oOl and organic Argan Oil sourced from Morocco. This beard oil is done in small batches to ensure the full benefits of oleic, capillary and linoleic acids remain intact. These ingredients have long been providing excellent nourishment to create healthy skin and hair.

Non-Greasy Formula – This beard oil does not produce any greasiness after use as some beard oil does. So, after application, the oil stays cool in your beard.

Non-Comedogenic – A non-comedogenic oil is formulated, so it will not cause blocked pores thus your beard will not break out. That will allow your beard to look fresh all day.

Softer and More Manageable Beard – A soft beard is a manageable beard.  Being a moisturizer, your beard gets hydrated. That allows your beard to be soft free of any tangles and.

Vegan-Friendly and Paleo Friendly  – This means that this beard oil conditioner does not contain ingredients that can cause harm to the skin.

Fragrance and Aroma Free – This beard oil is unscented thus it free of any fragrance and does not bring out any aroma. This is a good thing because then this beard grooming product will not clash with the regular fragrance you use. You can apply it on your beard and apply your favorite perfume after and not clashing of smells will occur.

Great Value for Money – This small 30 ml bottle can be used to have a healthy and attractive looking beard for up to 8 weeks.


All organic ingredients
Non-greasy formulation
Fragrance- free
Does not block pores


Not 100% natural


10. Portland Beard Company – Shuler Beard Oil 

It takes a lot of dedication and patience to grow an exceptionally attractive looking beard. Once achieved, there is no other beard oil that you should trust except the Shuler Beard Oil from the Portland Beard Company. This exclusive line of beard grooming products is created by Andrew Shuler. This beard oil will keep your beard healthy and strong. It also softens and smoothens your beard.

Features and Specifications:

Key Ingredients – This beard oil is crafted using all natural Coconut and Argan Oils with a few drops of bergamot and a good number of other essential oils. Meadowfoam seed oil has also been added to the formulation to give your beard that ideal shine without the greasy feeling. It also contains a tiny bit of frankincense to give your beard that citrus and spicy scent. Coconut and Bergamot Oils are a rugged man’s Hallmark.

Healthy and Strong Beard – A healthy beard is a strong beard. This beard oil contains Vitamin E. It is responsible for the hydration, nourishment and softening of your beard.

Prevents Itching and Dryness of Beard – The itching that comes with the growth of new is the phases of beard growing men hate the most. Using this beard oil will eliminate the itching stage. It will also prevent your beard from getting dry. The prevention of itching and dryness is because this beard oil moisturizes the skin beneath your beard.

Nourishes and Smoothens Beard – This beard oil softens your beard and makes it full to create a clean and neat look. It hydrates your beard to keep fuzzy hair tame and in place. It also does not cause your beard to have a greasy feel so it is easier to style it.


The scent is not too strong and overpowering
The skin under the beard is nourished for make it healthy
Tames and gives the beard a nice shine and shape


Tends to be greasy


How to Produce Coconut Oil

There are a lot of ways coconut oil is produced. Here are the five most common ways:

  1. Dry Process. Coconut meat is dried (copra) and dissolved in solvents to make raw oil. The produced oil is inedible.
  2. Wet Process. Raw coconut meat is mixed with a solvent to make coconut oil. A lot of oil is wasted in this process.
  3. Refined, Bleached and Deodorized (RBD). Heat from a hydraulic press is used to extract oil from dried coconut meat.
  4. Oil derived through the RBD process is further to saturate the fats that can still be used for other purposes.
  5. Breaks into fractions fats to separate them from the extracted oil. Extracted fats can be used for other purposes.

Virgin Coconut Oil

This type of coconut oil is categorized as unrefined because it is an oil that comes in its raw form and is therefore edible. It is a widely used as a cooking ingredient. Some natural cosmetic products also use virgin coconut oil. It can be extracted from coconut meat either through the dry or wet process.

Refined Coconut Oil

Physical or chemical processes are used to extract refined coconut oil (RBD and Hydrogenation Processes).  This type of coconut oil is inedible. This oil is for commercial use mostly in cosmetics, soaps, and skin and hair care products.

Fractionated Coconut Oil

The only concern about Coconut Oil is the fact it takes a solid form at room temperature. This becomes a major issue in colder climates. It would be funny to apply Coconut Oil on your beard and because of the cold climate, coconut oil hardens on it. Most beard oil artisans use fractionated coconut oil in their formulation to address this issue.

The fractionation process works to transform coconut oil into liquid form to extend its shelf life. It is therefore not a surprise to see fractionated coconut oil as an ingredient in a lot of beard oils. Fractionated coconut oil is an ideal carrier oil because it blends well most oils.

Of late, coconut oil has gotten to be so popular because it brings a lot of benefits the body. This is the reason coconut oil is a major ingredient in a lot of cosmetic products aimed at improving the hair, skin and nails.

Not many people, especially men, know that coconut oil brings a lot of benefits that can help improve the feel and look of beards. Look closely into the ingredients of most beard grooming products such as shampoos, shaving creams, oils, balms and you will notice that coconut oil is often one of them.

Coconut Oil and Your Beard

When talking of hair, whether it is on the head or face, coconut oil is a very good option as hair responds very quickly and well to coconut oil. It is thus logical to say that using coconut oil to maintain your beard can be one of your best choices. Men have started noticing that the market is starting to get flooded with beard grooming and beard oil products and most of them are just loving it! Why you may ask, is this so?

Beard Will Look Shiny and Healthy – Regularly applying coconut oil to your beard will keep it moisturized and thus look shiny and healthy. Moisturizing will also keep wild hair in place and you will have a neat and smooth beard. A well-moisturized beard will make you avoid frequent combing of your beard to make it look well groomed.

Beard Becomes Softer – Coconut oil contains properties that condition the roots of your beard to make it softer and healthier.

Beard Gets Hydrated – Coconut oil applied all over the beard hydrates it. In the process, your face also gets a massage. This action allows the roots of your beard and face to regain lost moisture and thus gets hydrated.

Your Face Gets Cleaned – Coconut oil contains antifungal and antibacterial properties. When you massage your face while applying coconut oil on your beard, you get face cleaned. Additionally, food that remains in your beard will not become toxic because you have applied coconut oil on it.

Makes Your Beard Grow Faster – This has reference to hair loss. It is said that hair damage can be prevented with the use of coconut oil. When hair damage is reduced it necessarily follows that coconut oil can help make your beard grow and thicken faster.

Your Beard Will Smell Good – The tones of the main oil in a beard oil dominates the scent of the oil. A beard oil with coconut oil as its base will give your beard a natural and warm coconut-like aroma.

Coconut Oil and the Beard Grooming Process

In every step of your beard grooming process, Coconut Oil plays a vital role.

Pre-Shaving – Using coconut oil before shaving will make your beard and face smooth. Applying a lathering product on a smooth beard and face is always an excellent idea.

Shaving Cream Alternative – There are a lot of alternatives to shaving cream if you do not want to use one. Coconut Oil is one of the best alternatives. Coconut Oil lubricates your skin and beard to allow the razor top easily glide across your face. Of course, Coconut Oil will not provide the same comfort as a shaving cream but it will get the job done.

Shaving with Coconut Oil – Use coconut oil in all the stages of your shaving and you will be rewarded with a smooth, strong and easy to manage beard.

After Shave Alternative – Coconut Oil is also a good alternative to after shaving creams, balms and oils. Virgin coconut oil has healed, softening and hydrating properties that will give your beard the ideal maintenance and care.


Find out the best coconut oil for beard and make it healthier and more beautiful.

As mentioned at the beginning of this article the way your beard looks will spell the different between having a confident and neat look and a rugged and untidy look. You took the pains in growing your beard to what it is now, the best you can do is to maintain it the right way to bring out its beauty.

With beard grooming products all over the place, maintaining a healthy and attractive looking beard does not pose much of a problem. Beard shampoos, conditioners, oils and balms hydrate, moisturize, nourish and strengthen your beard for that all attractive, and healthy look.

Coconut Oil in beard grooming products gives your beard the luster who are always been looking for. It gives your beard a healthy and classy appearance. Coconut oil is a magical ingredient in beard grooming products. The benefits it gives to your skin and beard is something that cannot be matched.

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