Beards For Men

Beard Styles for Men – Be Elegant and Smart

Beard Styles for Men

Beard Styles for Men – Be Elegant and Smart

In this article, I am going to guide you guys about the popular and modern beard styles for men. Here we have listed some trendy and fashionable beard styles OF 2018. Make a choice and wear the one which suits you the best.

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Beard styles for men – 2018:


The short hair which grows after clean shaving your face is termed as STUBBLE. It is the best style to win a woman’s heart. This style is very common in young men nowadays. It is easing maintained by using a trimmer.

2.FRENCH – Beard style for men:

The hair which are allowed to grow only on chin and attached with a mustache results in a French beard.В В  This style of beard provides you a formal look. This is the style which is usually worn by business men.


In mutton chops beard, the side burns are allowed to grow long down to the corners of the mouth. It provides a cool look in the personality.


The most popular and stylish beard. It can be worn with mustache or without mustache. Whatever suits you. In this style, hair is only allowed to grow on the chin area. That is your preference you just want to cover your whole chin or just a part of it. While, the rest of the face and neck is shaven.

5. FULL – Beard style for men:

Full Beard is on the top of the list of the most popular beards.В  It is one of the best beard choices. It is a classic beard. To maintain it, just trim it once in a week or two in a definite shape.

6. SCRUFFY – Beard style for men:

The style worn by star hero “ROBERT PATTINSON” (EDWARD) in TWILIGHT. It is a messy beard that you do not take care of therefore it is named as SCRUFFY BEARD. It gives you a daring look.

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Note: If you have a short beard and you want to grow it. Kindly check our short video, this will guide you on how to grow your beard for better styling.

Below we have listed all top 3 images of Beard styles for men. Hope you like them

Stubble Beards for Men

Mutton Chops Beard for Men

French Beard