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5 Tips to color your facial hair properly

Color your facial hair:

Color your facial hair.

Growing beard can often be a challenge because you can’t exactly predict of what’s coming in your way until you have the final product. В It’s really a matter of nerves and commitment. And the most difficult part is that you have your own free will to bear this style and pain. In the first phase it’s really hard to fight the itching and roughness and most faint hearted people fail ending up shaving the whole affair. But once you are go through this itching phase you have many surprises waiting your way. First of all you cannot really predict of what shape your new look take. You are not even sure if your beard ends up going patchy and uneven which is very common and then the maintenance part. You have to bear your wild look unless your beard is fully grown and then you go for shaping and trimming but those who lose their hearts seeing themselves in that wild look go for early shaving and that is where they make mistakes. It makes things worse and typical; and the most common problem is having a differently toned and patchy beard. But don’t you worry dying is the right solution for your mismatched hairs.В  Here are few beard grooming tips you surely don’t want to miss to color your facial hair properly!

5 Tips to color your facial hair properly:

Color your facial hair.

Alright have you seen people with some black beard that does not go along with you head hairs? Basically it’s about knowing how to work with your beard properly and evenly. The selection of your dye color, the precision of movements, the cuts and the time all has this important role in your look. Let me briefly discuss with you the dye process. First of all you need to brush your hair, prepare your dye, apply it and rinse it. So simple isn’t it? It surely is simple and practical provided that you do it in a right way. Remember these five tips which will save you from going wrong.

  1. First of all give your beard a nice shape and trim along with your mustache right above your lips.
  2. Secondly get yourself a shade that is two shades lower than your hairs. Mostly medium brown works well for men to be closest to their natural shade.
  3. Follow the time instructions. If it says 5 minutes, go for five minutes only. Set a timer on your cell phone. Remember that exceeding the time limit will result in darker shade.
  4. Always brush your beard before dying. You can use the brush provided in the dye and follow the up to down direction i.e. long strokes. Start right from where you touch the edges and bringing it down.
  5. Remember that precision is the key to success. The main thing is keeping on your hairs. When you put color to one side then soon after that you need to color the opposite side so that you give both the side equal time to stay and yes the lightest part needs the most color hence should be colored first.