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Wearing Red Means Wearing Love:


Wearing Red:

Wearing Red,Men Grooming Tips,what to wear
Wearing red.

The color that is most commonly associated with February is Red. February symbolizes piety, spiritual wisdom, humility and sincerity. Most importantly talking about the month February without mention the Valentine’s Day is considered a crime. It is very obvious that Valentine’s Day signifies love and sincerity and along with both it represents Red as well. Thus naturally February is associated with both, love and red. People tend to wear the colors of love, Red and some shades of pink as well, during the month of February; even the most lethargic of all people buckle up and start wearing red or wearing Love just to let everyone know they are not deprived of love.

Wearing red means wearing love:

With red comes a variety of color range, differing in intensity, saturation and hues. Darker shades of red being burgundy, maroon, scarlet imperial red, crimson, ruby, rusty red, fire red, chili red, redwood and barn red. Whereas the notable tints of red include pink, salmon pink and carol pink. All these shades represent variety and versatility in your dressing. Choosing your favorites’ among these to wearing what’s trendy and common these days, color that suites your personality to what fits your mood. You can choose just what you want and feel like wearing on a particular morning.

Now the red color basically symbolizes warmth, love, anger, boldness, excitement, strength, positive energy, determination, courage, socialism and passion. On a particular day when you feel low and not up to the tasks of the day, you can add a tint of Red to your dressing just to provide you with a sense of courage, strength and excitement. This really helps, when you wear Red it makes you feel vulnerable and gives you the courage and strength that you can take on any difficulty single handedly. It makes you feel as if you can do anything the universe throws your way, you feel ready to take on challenges and tasks that you would not take on any other day.

Red soothes and calms our senses. Red is the most vibrant color and it stands out among every other color. Scientists have done numerous studies on it, letting us know that when we wear red, it reflects positive energy and vibe on others. It shows that you are a confident, courageous and a social person and if they are to approach you, you would greet them in a friendly manner. Some people intentionally add red to their dressing before a hectic office day i.e. a red tie or a red shirt/sweater, just because they know that red color demands attention and symbolizes strong will. Your staff is more likely give you positive response, because they know too that red signifies pioneering spirit and leadership qualities hence promoting ambition and determination. They are more likely to meet you with respect and would respond to all the attention you require from them.

A lead author Andrew Elliot states that:

“We found that women view men in red as higher in status, more likely to make money and more likely to wear social ladder. And it’s the high-status judgment that leads to the attraction.”

Now we know that women too are attracted to Red color the most. Red is an intense color and it stimulates ones’ heart beat and faster breathing. Red is the most noticeable among all other colors and demands attention. Red boosts your confidence, however if you are not looking for too much attention and do not want to be thought as a dominant person then it is advisable that you throw in some other shade; beige, blue, cool green and possibly any other shade you want. You would appear dynamic yet bold at the same time.

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