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Why Are People Committing Suicide These Days?

People committing suicide:

People committing suicide, living and lifestyle,

People committing suicide.

While they conceal their faces by curtains, you might not get to notice that they’re actually there and have been there all along! Been hiding by even their own shadows, lately. Are they retarded for being so narcissistic about themselves? Maybe they’re. Yet, the real problem occurs when we glance over the fact that they’re not at all proud of their appearances. Perhaps, they can’t stand to the jokes that their friends might throw upon them! Perhaps they might not reveal their feelings in person, but surely curse their existence while they’re alone.

Such a sensitive person might lead himself towards false acts as, “Suicide and Complex”. Suicide and Complex, partially contain the meanings. Yet, sometimes they seem to be attached with each other hierarchically. More than 20 thousands of people in a year, all over the globe get stroke by complex problems and then provoking people committing suicides. Allow me to introduce you the reasoning for such circumstances. Take a look:

Why are people committing suicide these days?

  • Lack of Confidence:
People committing suicide, living and lifestyle,

People committing suicide.

By birth, the confidence seems to be as low as compared to the confidence of a normal person. That, if you even pin them against for even containing a slight spot. They’d mind. Later, such decreased feelings could gradually turn into complex sentiments. A sort of state, that’s stressful and filled with depression. Time-to-time, it could lead his criteria to turn into a total disorder and the last stage is death, which he himself would cause in order to get rid by feelings, which he had been holding all along!

  • Bad Looks:
People committing suicide, living and lifestyle,

Living and lifestyle.

Even if he’s not so ugly and all. He might feel as if he is. For some reason or story-behind, he can’t stand the looks from which he’s blessed with. Even a small blemish which might be in the face of spot, dark circle or acne could work all against to lower his faith in himself. Later, such hatred converts into complex and the next stage could be a suicide.

  • Can’t Stand the Jokes!
People committing suicide, living and lifestyle,

People committing suicide.

While you might not sense it, yet there are few sensitive-beings who can’t stand to your jokes! As you throw the dirt on him, in the friend’s circle. He would show as if he doesn’t mind. Whilst that’s not how he feels, internally. He might start to curse himself as he later enters the house and sit onto the corner. He might try hard to compensate those lacking, but fails to do so. Later, his despise for himself would lead himself to go across suicides.

  • Things that he can’t reach to:
People committing suicide, living and lifestyle,

People committing suicide.

Initially, he might apply to get to things he can’t reach i.e. getting a tall height, to get rid of baldness, getting a brighter complexion and etc. While the implements are over and he unfortunately, didn’t get to what he was aiming for. He’d lose hopes and then comes the mental disordering! Which would make him forget all the right things that he got and resulting him to pick up a gun and shot him straight into the head.

  • Raised with violence:
People committing suicide, living and lifestyle,

People committing suicide.

There could had been existence of inappropriate acts when he was younger. Maybe the violence and mistreatment that might had taken place are now outputting the results. Apparently, he has lost the faith in his conditions and isn’t normal at all. Now, as he lays his head down on the pillow every night. The thoughts strike continually, and he fails to himself. Picks up a gun and shoots the brain out off his cranium.

– May God helps us all, and able us to think positively. In fact, nothing in the world is ever with perfection.

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