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Black But Not Only Black; Add Colors In Dressing:


Add colors in dressing:

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Add colors in Dressing.

“I’ve been 40 years discovering that the queen of all colors was black.” — Pierre-Auguste Renoir

Black is everyone’s favorite when it comes to attire. It is easy to carry, it signifies authority and at the same time it can evoke strong emotions, at the same times black gives an aura of mystery to one’s personality. Mystique is a very good way as to why you tend to wear just black, along with mystique, secretive, hidden and unknown line up too as the defining aspects. Black attire does represent that the person has a bottled up personality, as if he hides great secrets from the rest of the world. No doubt black is very easy to carry and does not require any effort at all but that too comes at a certain price. Black comes with a lot of negative vibe too. Too much black on too many days can be overwhelming plus all the negative vibe black color has to itself would make it extremely difficult for you to maintain your positive personality. What you wear defines who you are. Rather than carrying all the negativity, you can merge your black attire with bits and pieces, adding colors to your personality along with defining it completely opposite to what it was before.

Black but not only Black; Add colors in Dressing:

The good thing about the color black is that it goes or merges up with almost all the colors. Black and red when combined give a diminishing aura to your personality. Red symbolizes boldness, excitement, strength, positive energy, determination, courage, socialism and passion. When combined with black it gives a new definition to your whole existence. You would be irresistible yet you would give out the competitive and leadership aspects of your personality. Black and red is a deadly combination. Black jeans, with red shirt along with brown brogues are bold yet exciting at the very same time.

Similarly blue is considered the color associated with peace, integrity, conservatism, frigidity and loyalty. True, blue is a dull color but maybe it is meant to be that way, only then the phrase “Mondays are Blue” would be true. Blue represents calm and peace as well, thus if you are going to add blue along with black in your dresses, it would appear as if you are secretive yet calm and in control of your surroundings, you would seem a person how could be trusted and relied on. Adding green in your wardrobe can be a good option too as green is the color of balance and it represents growth. Black with green can mean both; self reliance as a positive aspect, whereas; possessiveness as a negative aspect which, reminding you, is a positive aspect in itself.

Orange is a neutral color, meaning it has positive and negative, both the meanings equally. You can be considered pessimist and superficial yet at the very same time orange signifies optimism and social communication. Orange neutralizes the negative vibe your black attire carries and together they can create wonders. On the other hand yellow is a very refreshing and soothing color and added with black, it adds a mystifying and magical aura to your attire. Yellow is the color of summer and looks great with black and the off whites and beiges. Yellow represents intellectual personality, optimism and cheerful personality. But those who are pessimists would consider yellow, which is an innocent color, as cowardice, taking it as criticism and impatient. The list can go on and on as every color has unique meaning; however the meanings are not static and can vary from person to person depending on the energy they represent.  `


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