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Ways To Get Proper Fitting

Proper fitting:

Proper fitting, men style guide, men dressing tips, men fashion tips

Men dressing tips.

Whether you are working for a renowned office or you are working for a small organization. You need to wear well fitted clothes. Well fitted clothes tell others that you are a well-organized and a creative person who likes wearing perfect attire at all times of the day. You need to realize that if you are a well dressed person you would be perceived as an organized, attentive and an efficiently hardworking person. Dressing properly includes the right kind and the right size of clothing. Here today we would only be discussing the right size for different items of clothing. Men suits can sometimes be really tricky and if you are someone who occasionally wears suits, a properly fitted suit would seem okay to you too. But this isn’t so. There are a lot of thing that should be kept in mind before wearing a suit. Let’s discover the ways to get a proper fitting for any attire you choose to adorn yourself with.

Ways to go get proper fitting:

Proper fitting, men style guide, men dressing tips, men fashion tips

Proper fitting.

The shoulder of your jacket should fit you perfectly, there must not be stretch lines or loose clothe hanging around your shoulder. If this happens it only means you are wearing a shabbily fitted suit. Rather your shoulder fitting should be perfect, stretched and remarkable. The waist of your trousers and the back side of the pants should be nicely fitted too. Do not wear loose fitted or too tight pants as they would look unpleasant. The jacket closure needs to be neat and tidy. No starch line or extra cloth should gather around your button. It should be nicely fitted. You need to take your sleeve length in account. It should be only a few centimeters above your shirt. Anything that is different than this would be unacceptable. Your jacket should reach the starting of your palm when you stand with hands by our side. It should not be lower or higher than this.

Proper fitting, men style guide, men dressing tips, men fashion tips

Proper fitting.

Your trouser break and your collar needs to fit perfectly too as only then you would be able to look graceful and elegant. These are the major things you need to make sure are perfect according to your size. You would know that your suits fit perfectly when your shoulder pads end with your shoulder, your hand should easily slip into the lapels with the fastened button, your jacket should reach your knuckles, and half an inch of shirt should be visible from under your jacket. If all these things are in order, then you are ready to go anywhere. Your proper fitting does not only apply to your suits but our jeans should be of proper fitting too. The three basic styles for jeans are as follows; regular, basic and loose. Regular fit fits you perfectly, relaxed jeans have a little extra clothe on their butt and loose fits involve 4-5 inches extra clothe. Jeans style include straight, flare and boots.

Proper fitting, men style guide, men dressing tips, men fashion tips

Proper fitting.

A well fitted necktie demands a well fitted shirt. You tie should hang above your belt. Your tie knot should not be big that it may lift up your collar corners. The V of the tie knot and the V of your shirt should merge in together. Belts need to be bigger a size than your pants. The belt should pass the first loop on your pants. I guess you now have a checklist of how to ensure your wardrobe has well-fitted clothes that would leave a Jaw-dropping expression on anyone you cross by.

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