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What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You More Stylish!

More stylish!

More stylish, men style guide, men styling tips,

What doesn’t kill you makes you more stylish.

Bored of your work- studies- home life routine? Why not charge up ourselves with doing something new? When did you take your vacations? You don’t like going on vacations or you don’t have enough time or money to spare? Forget the vacations! Why not start playing with our selves, puzzled? Don’t worry! I have an idea for changing your routine and the best part is it does not requires a lot of money and time. You know that fashion these days has become an added liability and we are so fed up with this fashion style affair that we feel like running away. Life these days seems a burden on human beings. But who cares when you have some good to live for – and the best thing is to live for your own self! We are going to discuss on how best you can pay attention to yourself in the least possible money and time. So stay tuned!! Here’s one secret what doesn’t kill you makes you indeed more stylish! So why wait? Read ahead.

What doesn’t kill you makes you more stylish!

More stylish, men style guide, men styling tips,

Men styling tips.

What pleasure do you get when you go for buying yourself some new outfits and other stuff for your personal grooming? Go for shopping no matter what happens. So stop caring about what the world has to say to you, all you need to focus is what lies in the best interest of yours. Take out some time for yourself and do some good to you. What if you love to wear your old baggy t-shirt that you have stopped wearing because the people around have been seeing you in that for so long? Go ahead man, forget the world around and wear it when you go out for groceries or when you go for a morning walk. Doing so will give you a satisfaction of loving yourself, your style and your ways. Yes you need to be confident with what you do and it will make you look super cool. That’s only a single example, but you have a lot to do to yourself.

More stylish, men style guide, men styling tips,

What doesn’t kill you makes you more stylish.

Sick of seeing yourself in blue and white? Don’t worry, try out some other colors. Be very sure of what is suitable for you. For example if you don’t wear other colors you can start with wearing greens and yellows etc. Do not go around wearing red at once. You are not required to kill yourself or others from a shock with your ways. You should be subtle and polite in your dressing whereas your style should be stunning.

More stylish, men style guide, men styling tips,

What doesn’t kill you makes you more stylish.

Dear men you don’t always have to be a follower. You can try whatever suits to you. But yes your style should speak well of you. If you don’t like a denim jeans for your age forget the denim, get yourself trousers it will compliment your age with sophistication. Even if you are a waiter and you feel like wearing short sleeved shirt. Feel free to do so. Short sleeved shirt will be practical for your work so make it your style. On the other hand if you wear sneakers with a formal suit of yours at an official meeting then this style will simply ruin your image and effort to do well. Doing justice to you is what matters. When you will start doing little efforts for your style and look you will be the happiest person on earth. And always remember that what doesn’t make you look bad will make you look charming! So going out of the way for your style, it’s pretty cool if your style does well to you.

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