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Avoid Complications, Dress Like Dexter Does:


Dress like Dexter does:

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Dress like Dexter does.

Are you stressed out with your everyday changing styles? It’s time to put off all your worries and suspicions aside and prevent your nerves from burden. Dressing is an art that one needs to learn not from a school or a training center but from his own inner self, times and situations. Dressing is sense developed with time and moods along with a little help of age. First of all always remember to learn that fashion and style go hand in hand, a fashion without style is nothing nor a style without fashion is worth praising. Are you sick of changing your style every now and then just to look good?  If ‘Yes’ then you have guessed it right! Avoid complications and read this article to know how to dress like Dexter does.

Avoid complications, dress like Dexter does:

Fashion and style is not hard to understand, all you need to have is a few ‘guts’. The first and basic rule for styling is whatever you wear-wear with confidence just like the Dexter does. Whatever you wear, wherever you wear, wear with style and confidence. And YES, never forget to wear with a smile. A smile compliments any style or trend that you carry. Imagine yourself wearing the best outfit available in town but if you are not sure of what you are wearing, you are defiantly going to spoil the treat. Dressing has never been a complex issue as long as you are satisfied with what you carry perfectly. It’s possible that every fashion is not meant for you but it is also true that there must be a way out particularly for yourself. The real job is to find out about what is your type of style and way. As discussed in my earlier articles,

Have you ever noticed that detective character ‘Dexter’? If not let me tell you a little about it. Dexter is a fictional character of a book and TV series whose key trait is to kill the worthy and satisfy himself. In all the seasons of the series, that character is portrayed to be flawless, perfect and just fit for role. Here the idea of discussing Dexter with you occurred to me with the idea of being flawless and error free. Though this character is a serial killer but he is never suspected of the crime because, whatever he does, he simply does it with perfection leaving around no clues and hints. So people wear your style in your own way. And the point worth discussing here is creating your identity, not by copying others but from inspiring from others.

Always remember to wear what suits to you, prepare your wardrobe for a no of situations. For example, you may categorize your day wear, formal wear and sportswear. Once you have made these categories specified you will not have to worry about the combinations every time when have to wear something. Make it a hard and fast rule of your wardrobe, to the extent of your identity setting. Remember to give yourself a little room for adjustments like if you have a casual and a formal commitment together, you can wear a suit in that formal situation and at the same time when you move into some casual place, just put of your coat and tie, roll up selves and you are fit for casual affair! So people identify yourselves in your own style!!

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