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It’s Your Choice That Matters, Not Brands:


Choice that matters

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It’s your choice that matters, not brands.

Many of you usually think that choosing ONLY an expensive brand can make you trendy and stylish; but that’s not true! You need to get out from this thought because the most important asset of your personality is freedom, freedom of choosing anything you like regardless of the brand! It has been and will always be your choice that matters!

It’s your choice that matters, not brands:

It is a choice to choose a trend which you like to follow, you better know your vision which ultimately sets you free and pushes you to take a charge of your wardrobe according to your style. Brands are always the trend setter but cannot be chosen by everyone.

Brands are a way of extracting a handsome amount of bucks from your wealth and it definitely can’t be a preference for all. Brands cannot bind you in a confined area of fashion. It is entirely dependent upon the one who is going to decide. In the beginning of time, it was a major thing to choose a brand, but as time passed I think that debate of that kind has disappeared in the modern world of living.

But now days, the issue is not about what is best and expensive, but what more important is that what is best, affordable and best suited on you depending upon your choice.

So why are you worrying about brands?

Just go with the choice you had about your clothing sense, wear what suits best on you and look exclusive in your surroundings.

It is quite interesting from my perception, because it is all about choosing and trying the things by following your idea of setting new trends in the society.  It could help the people to find their way to the best styles, beside brands. It is all about improving and strengthening the fashion sense.

Maybe choose an outfit that doesn’t charge u a high amount of your wealth, but can give you a great shape to your personality, but if you quit just because of the trend nowadays which is all about the brands you choose, I bet you‘ll regret later!

Why not then dress up according to your choice and  stop underestimating  your selection sense, whether you are going for a hip hop look  or decent look or a pair of colorful pants, baggy shirts and picking  accessories which suit you the best either they are of particular High-fi brands or not.

I think for a reason that, the quality of things you are going to wear has improved among all the clothes, resulting that there is little difference between branded things and ordinary things.

Everyone these days choose brands which can be a mainstream look, brands usually offers no choice to its consumers. But it’s more of a ritual that is being followed by the brand followers by making the decisions that are kept over their own choices and interest. It is generally a normal thinking of brand buyers that standing out among everyone can’t be achieved without wearing brands and hence they usually push their choice as a second priority. However, class can be surely achieved by following your own choice.

There is nothing bad to choose brand if it is your choice to wear or either choose the fashion you want for yourself, and achieve a high society status and set new trends rather than following the trends set by brand names.

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