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FAQ – How To Become A Color Coordinate

How to become a color coordinate

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FAQ – How to become a color coordinate.

Color coordination is extremely important if you wish to wear a harmonious and an elegant outfit. Also a nicely color coordinated dress would always have a greater impact than a dress that is randomly put together. You can pair up a nicely looking dress by using random items that are available in your wardrobe. But LUCK isn’t always on your side. Considering the immense IMPORTANCE OF COLOR coordination I would help you to become a color coordinate by explaining some basic rules about how you should harmoniously put together your attire. It is advised that you add not more than three different colors in your attire in the beginning, however once you get the knack about the color schemes and other important stuff then you can add as many different shades as you want to.

FAQ – How to become a color coordinate:

become a color coordinate, men dressing tips, men fashion colors, men style guide,

Men dressing tips.

Colors are divided into three categories namely primary, secondary and tertiary. Majority of the color space should be given to the primary colors and then a lesser color occupancy should be given to the secondary colors. Furthermore if you wish to add some accessories in your attire and you do not know which color to choose then you should prioritize the neutral shades. Creating a combination of analogue colors means that you choose one shade as your main color and then choose a color two shades darker or lighter as your secondary color. These schemes look natural and graceful. Then comes the complementary shading, in this scheme you choose two colors that are exactly opposite of each other. It would give you an outfit which would be bold, eye catching increasing attractiveness; however, you should be confident enough to carry such shades. Examples include red with blue, yellow with purple etc.

become a color coordinate, men dressing tips, men fashion colors, men style guide,

FAQ – How to become a color coordinate.

You can use primary colors by pairing up your blue jeans with lighter shade of blue shirt paired with blue socks. You can wear BROWN CHUKKA BOOTS with brown belt. So you see we used three shades of blue along with brown neutral color for accessories. A perfect example for complementary colors would be dark blue jeans with bright yellow shirt and neutral or matching accessories. This look is bold and you can carry it if you are confident about the way you look. Make use of natural colors as much as possible. They would enhance and complement the look of your outfit. For example you can pair up primary colors with neutrals; you can wear red jeans with grey top. Or grey jeans with white on top etc. you can choose the color combination as 1 primary and 1 neutral or 1 primary shade and 2 neutral shades and if you are opting a bolder look then you can pair up 2 bold shades and 1 neutral color.

become a color coordinate, men dressing tips, men fashion colors, men style guide,

Men style guide.

For some people it is really hard to color coordinate their patterns. Make sure you keep the look of your outfit sophisticated, do not over do or under do your patterns. Keep them in balance. Some certain colors do not go with every shade for example black would look good when paired with red, blue white etc but if you put together blank pants with navy blue shade then it won’t look good as it is too close on the color card. Then we normally do not put together white with cream shades and we certainly don’t wear grey along with brown. Two dull colors? Nah it certainly is not a very good idea!

Try matching the color schemes for your dresses and soon you will get your hands on the trick! Good luck with color coordinating-it sure is a fun smart task!

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