2013 wardrobe essentials for Men – Must Haves

2013 wardrobe essentials for Men

2013 wardrobe essentials

2013 wardrobe essentials for Men
2013 wardrobe essentials for Men

Today we will talk on 2013 wardrobe essentials.

Gone are the days when men use to dress up themselves just few pieces of essential clothing. Like woman’s, man’s wardrobe now is also full off clothes but still they get confuse while dressing up.

They want to dress well every time to give off a good impression. But for that they neither need a wardrobe that is full of clothes, nor need them to spend thousands to get a latest dress every time. All they need is a well-synchronized wardrobe with few basic clothing items.

As we know that 2012 is almost ended up and 2013 is almost here, so we have compiled a list of 2013 wardrobe essentials/clothing that will surely help you to renovate your 2012 wardrobe into 2013. These are the essential and basic clothing that a man should have in his wardrobe.

It will take a bit time to accumulate and synchronize everything, but will worth later all year long.

Rules of shopping the essentials:

Always remember the foremost rules of shopping the essentials for your wardrobe that is:

  • To select and stick to the classics.
  • Always buy selective classic clothes that will last and looks better for longer.
  • While shopping basic and essential clothing keep the following facts in mind:
  1. Design should be classic.
  2. Color should be basic that suits and works well with most of your outfits.
  3. Size neither too fit nor too loose. It should have enough room that you can move easily.
  4. Quality that last longer.

Wardrobe essentials for 2013:

Dress pants and shirts:

2013 wardrobe essentials for Men
Dress pants and plain shirts
  • Black color dress pant and a classic white color shirt is a must have.
  • It is the most appropriate combination for formal occasions.
  • The classic and typical white shirt always looks great.
  • Color other than white will be blue.
  • You can also keep one in light grey for a novel look.
  • To pair with, a dress pants in black color is must.
  • Black pants goes well with all color shirts.
  • Second options are the pants in khaki and grey color.
  • Black pant and white shirt combination will never be out of style.

Ties – 2013 wardrobe essentials:

  • Go for ties with dark colors.
  • Choose ties with diagonal strips.
  • They are unbeatable and work well with most shirts.
  • Always have one in black color in your wardrobe.
  • Choose dark neutral shades.
  • For dashing look pair basic tie with your formal shirt.
  • Always make general and wise color combination.

Plain t-shirt:

  • For plain t-shirt, white is an all-time popular choice of color.
  • It looks even great when paired up with blue jeans.
  • You can also go for other plain t-shirts too like in black.
  • It will also go well when paired with blue jeans.
  • Plain t-shirts look perfectly stylish and trendy when paired with blue jeans.
  • They are a best opt for a casual wear.

Polo shirts – 2013 wardrobe essentials:

  • They are ideal for a business casual wear.
  • Its wardrobe must have.
  • Polo shirts are available in a variety of color range.
  • Polo shirts paired great with blue denims.
  • Also pair it with khakis looks good.
  • Another pairing option is chinos.

Casual shirt:

2013 wardrobe essentials for Men
Causal shirts
  • A casual shirt is also a must have.
  • It could be polo or even a button down.
  • This must have could be wear with either jeans or casual pants.

Jackets and blazer – 2013 wardrobe essentials:

  • Get yourself one jacket or a blazer, it is a must have.
  • You can have a sport Jacket or Blazer.
  • It looks smart.
  • It is ideal when dressing up for casual events.
  • It looks great with dress pants or even with jeans.
  • Also suits for the club/ pub when paired with a t-shirt.
  • A second option for the jacket could be a leather or puffer.
  • It is a great opt when going to concerts, for fishing, hunting etc.

Tailored blazer/suit:

2013 wardrobe essentials for Men
Tailored blazers
  • It is the must have wardrobe essential which is the foremost requirement of business/profession.
  • Nothing looks better than a suit on a man.
  • So get yourself a suit in classic black or grey color.
  • Also take it to the tailor, to get it fitted.
  • It is idyllic for business conferences, seminar, meetings etc.
  • One with pinstripes can be the second option.

Well fitted blue jeans – 2013 wardrobe essentials:

  • Have a pair of good jeans.
  • It should fit well.
  • It should not be baggy or too tight.
  • It is a must have and idyllic for casual and many times to keep the pace will fashion trends.
  • Always select one that fits well and have the right length.
  • Avoid jeans that have logos.

Black shoes and belt:

2013 wardrobe essentials for Men
Shoe trends
  • Have a pair of quality black shoes.
  • You can wear them with jeans, khakis and suit.
  • Buy black shoes, then for the other pair go for one in brown color.
  • Similarly get one good quality leather belt in black color.
  • Avoid belts with prominent and trendy buckles for formal wear.
  • Shoes are suitable for formal or evening wear.
  • For casual wear you can have a pair of joggers.

Hope you have got your reply to “2013 wardrobe essentials”.

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