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Face Under The Makeup Isn’t Horrible – Prefer Natural Beauty


Face under the makeup isn’t horrible:

Face under the makeup isn't horrible,  Men Fashion Advice, Men Skin Care
Face under the makeup isn’t horrible.

A thing of beauty is a joy forever:
Its loveliness increases; it will never
Pass into nothingness. ~ John Keats

Beauty is something that is loved and remembered but what if people put on heavy makeup to be beautiful? Will it be as charming as a natural beauty? It cannot be. Beauty is innate and applying makeup will definitely add on to one’s beauty but it is not at all comparable to one’s natural beauty. Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder which is natural and therefore more appealing and fascinating. Makeup is a good thing to add on to one’s beauty but it also has its own side effects to be dealt with. Hence, I believe that your natural beauty i.e. your face under the makeup isn’t horrible; you must prefer natural beauty you are bestowed with since nothing beats that!

Face under the makeup isn’t horrible – Prefer natural beauty:

Face under the makeup isn't horrible,  Men Fashion Advice, Men Skin Care
Face under the makeup isn’t horrible.

The notion of beauty is itself debatable; it varies from person to person, society to society, caste to caste and country to country. In Asian states, thick lips and dark complexion is not a mark of beauty but in Africa it is. In China, long feet are not considered appropriate, but in some parts of the world it is. Some people prefer mustache while some don’t, some prefer long hair while some prefer short, and some simply like to have a clean shave and so there are loads of other examples of varying beauty notions. Moreover, people have different choices for the color of their hair. There are many different shades of hair color available and they are good enough to be applied to have some change and unique identity but nothing can be compared to one’s natural hair color. Natural beauty in its simplest way can be defined as the beauty given by God and one that is not comparable to any other man made beauty products.

Man made beauty aims at using different cosmetics and makeup to look more beautiful but the thing to ponder over is- does it really work? Can it be a substitute to nature’s gift? No it simply cannot be!! Natural beauty is one of the greatest gifts of God, and no one can defy the blessing that God has for you. On the contrary, makeup can block your true self, people often apply makeup to hide themselves thinking that they are not good in looks; they aren’t beautiful and up to the society’s demands forgetting that God is the creator of all, how is it possible that HE make one person beautiful and the other ugly? There are different beliefs regarding beauty and as discussed above different people perceive beauty differently so this is the reason why we have been so much obsessed with it lately.

Face under the makeup isn't horrible, Men Fashion Advice, Men Skin Care
Face under the makeup isn’t horrible.

It’s not about being beautiful or ugly but rather it’s all about diversity or else this world would become a place of “photocopied items”, wouldn’t it? Imagine everybody having fair or dark complexion, small or big eyes, thick or thin lips etc., this world and life would have been monotonous. Unfortunately these days’ people are trying to create monotony without even realizing it. They all want to look alike and it has become so easy by the use of makeup, which is on overall basis, disastrous. Also, just because of makeup people have lost their true self and identities. Their natural self is not seen but rather artificiality prevails on the faces.

Hence, it is true to say that face under makeup is not horrible and people must prefer natural beauty and the way they are. People should feel proud of themselves and their beauty which is a gift from their Lord.

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