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Why One Should Avoid Funky T Shirts: Ideas 2015

Avoid funky T Shirts:

avoid Funky T Shirts, T-shirts for men,

Funky T shirts.

The shirts you are going to wear are the source of reflection of your mood. For instance, if a serious attitude man wears a funky t- shirt with a cartoon caricature, how will he look? Obviously, people would laugh at him. So the choice must match your mood and nature. T-shirts have a lot of variety to offer, choose the one that matches with your mood, not the one which looks conflicted. It is a well known fact that funky t shirts are usually made to promote the brand, these are designed in a hilarious manner so that everyone like it in their good mood and loves to wear it. But it’s just one side of the coin, it carries some disadvantages too!

Why one should avoid Funky T Shirts: Ideas 2015

avoid Funky T Shirts, T-shirts for men,

Funky T shirts for Men.

The funky t- shirts are good to some extent, but these must not be worn. These t- shirts have the weird statement and stupid jokes that affects your personality. People usually try to connect the t shirt that you wear with your personality. These t shirts have the paintings and sometimes pornography kind of pictures that looks cheap. It does not make any sense that you are wearing it at the a normal place. Sometimes it portrays you stupid and sometimes it shows you as a rude person. This greatly affects your personality and the viewers and observer feel strange about you.

avoid Funky T Shirts, T-shirts for men,

Funky T shirts.

So you should avoid it and replace it with the other tees if possible. Remember, the dress we wear expose our sense of dressing and choosing. How we see the world is expressed by our thoughts and somewhere the thoughts are expressed by our dress. The cartoon caricature T-shirts and the offensive tone must not be worn.

Instead, you should wear formal or semi formal dresses, even if you are a teenager.

Gifting funky t-shirts isn’t a good choice:

avoid Funky T Shirts, T-shirts for men,

Funky T shirts.

If you are thinking to gift something to your beloved one and you are dead confused that what should you gift to your friend then it is the best if you give him the shirt that matches with his personality. The shirts, watches, perfumes are the best products for gifting. But try to avoid funky shirt, as it is not a very good idea. The statement written over the front may sometimes make others laugh at him.

Be on the safe side, and choose the simple and decent shirts for yourself too. It is the best suggestion as the simple and good shirts will make you handsome while in the funky shirts you will probably look like a comedian or a non-serious person.

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