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Which Is Shirt Better – V Neck Or Round Neck:


 V neck or Round neck:

V neck or Round neck, what to wear, Men Fashion Advice
V neck or Round neck.

Tees are the most indispensable element a man can have in his closet. Good Tees stays with you for long time until or unless you throw them out. But, many guys have problem in choosing a good T-shirt. I found many guys confused in selection of T-shirts. Especially when it comes to choose among V-neck T-shirt or Round neck T-shirt.

So what about you? Do you also have this question in mind? Actually if someone ask me that which is better V-neck or Crew Neck, then my answer will be simple and that will be “Both”. That’s because when you are carrying something at right proportion, on right place, at right time and with right things then everything looks good without distinction. Everything in fashion have its positive and negative aspects, so a stuff that looks good at some time will not be appropriate for the next. V-neck and Crew neck both have positive looks if you are carrying it properly, here I will guide you about the way you can make both of them look good at you…

Which is shirt better – V neck or Round neck:

Round neck T-Shirts:

V neck or Round neck, what to wear, Men Fashion Advice
V neck or Round neck.
  • Round neck is a classic T-shirt that looks great with anything even under your dress coat, open button down shirt, with a jeans, khakis and almost everything.
  • This is a versatile piece in your wardrobe that don’t need time to make good matching.
  • Crew necks are comfortable and relaxing when you have not waxed your chest or having dark complexion of skin.
  • For winters crew is the best choice to wear under shirts, it keeps you fit as well as feels warm.
  • Crew necks are best for layering in winters and even in summer it is best as a single layer if your crew neck is half sleeved or sleeveless.
  • If you have hairy chest, and you have no time to maintain or groom your chest hair then choosing Crew neck will be the best thing you can opt for.
  • If you are not a gym man, and not having developed muscular chest, then also crew work as a friend in hiding your short comings.

V-neck T-shirts:

V neck or Round neck, what to wear, Men Fashion Advice
V neck or Round neck.
  • Are you a gym man? Good! Then what is better than V-neck for you to show off your muscular chest???? Obviously nothing. This is the primary wish of every muscular man to show his muscular sexy body and hard work he do at gym. So V-neck allow you show your body a little bit and trust me it’s a better option than wearing a tank.
  • V-neck is not that versatile like crew neck but still it gives you enough room for better option. Like you can wear it with open button down shirts, with cardigans and can use as a layers under shirts.
  • It makes you look sexier than crew neck, this urban wear something that looks great without effort. If you are wearing simply a slight deep V-neck with a rough jeans, you are just rocking your style.
  • You can wear scarves with V-necks but not with crew necks. Any scarf in any style looks great with V-neck t shirts.
  • You can make amazing combinations of scarves and V-necks in opposite colors with simple rough jeans to look gorgeous in effortless way.

Final words:

V neck or Round neck, what to wear, Men Fashion Advice
V neck or Round neck.

Guys, whatever you wear looks outstanding if you are mixing a right proportions of other stuff with it. It’s you who make fashion and it’s you who carry it. So whether it’s V-neck T-shirt or crew neck T-shirt it’s all upon you how carefully you make it look stylish and eye catching at you.

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