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Legitimate Your Style With Rugby Shirts


Style with Rugby shirts:

Style with Rugby shirts, Men fashion, dressing tips for men
Style with Rugby shirts.

To be honest from the very start of my article about Rugby shirt I would say that Rugby has never been out of fashion and will never go out. From my school time I observed dads, teachers and guys round the market and streets wearing this sports shirt comfortably in summers as well as in winters. And still after so many years this style with rugby shirts is still there at its place.

Legitimate your style with Rugby shirts:

Rugby shirt was known as sports shirt in the past, and as we know the modern fashion is constantly snatching the styles from past and modernizing them to make new styles. So same is the case with rugby shirts, they are not only the sports shirt now but they are equally popular in casual as well as in semi formal wear in fashion market. Designers like Michael Bastian, Lauren and GANT have introduced the trend of Rugby shirts in latest trends and made it an inspiration for the campus guys and street boys once again. So why not to legitimate your style with this Rugby shirt placed in the lowest shelf of your closet? Dig it out and legitimate your style with it!

  • Rugby on top:
Style with Rugby shirts, Men fashion,  dressing tips for men
Style with Rugby shirts.

Rugby is famous among designers because of its versatility and fabrication. Basically it was famous among players and got its popularity from Irish players. Rugby shirt identifies itself from football shirts by its pattern, stitching and fabrication. Rugby comes in line patterns in different or same colors, with flexible cotton cloth, low colors, and big armholes and breathable fitting.

So when you plan to purchase your rugby shirt makes sure that it’s fitting is according to you, its armholes are big enough to give you a full room for shoulders movement and its fitting is really breathable. Because of its fabric this shirt is durable and you don’t have to be worried about its practicality as this is one of the best shirts for everyday activities.

  • How to wear:
Style with Rugby shirts, Men fashion,  dressing tips for men
Style with Rugby shirts.

The fashion of rugby is deeply rooted from American fashion, so the best partner of Rugby shirt in American fashion is varsity jacket or any sports jacket. On the other side you can also pair them up with chinos, denims and loafers as GANT displayed in his showcase in latest fashion shows.

So as I told you before that this shirt is versatile so you can wear it with anything or any where you want. You can play with different combinations, textures and colors. Like you can layer it with Oxford shirt under Rugby, denim above Rugby, Loafers with Rugby and jeans or any trouser with it. The more you try and experiment the more charming combinations you get.

  • Example of Michael Bastian:

    Style with Rugby shirts, Men fashion,  dressing tips for men
    Style with Rugby shirts.

    it would be very easy to tell its importance in fashion by giving the example of well known celeb Michael Bastian who is fond of this clothing piece. Michael Bastian has tried this shirt with its casual, semi formal and formal style as well. This man found many time wearing Rugby with dress coat and trousers, even with his tailored shirt and with so many styles. So why to deny its legitimacy then? This is a timeless elegant and classic piece of clothe in your closet. This is not casual anymore but it as formal as you try to make it. As rugby shirt speaks about its heritage, masculinity and relaxing style.

No matter if you’re wearing it with your casual trouser or shorts at home or with your tailored trouser and coat at office you will look completely elegant, timeless classic, masculine and relax as well.

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