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Only Black Doesn’t Means Elegancy:

Only black:

Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear

Only black.

If you want to look vibrant, classy and elegant than you have to go for the blend of colors with black, because only Black doesn’t mean elegancy. No doubt black come first on the top of elegancy, because of its sophistication and versatility. That doesn’t mean you wear overall black that looks decent but not elegant or stylish.

Blending the shake of black with other vibrant and captivating colors like red, white, charcoal grey and chocolate increases the volume of elegancy to your suit and help in turning heads to you. Adding vibrant classy colors in your black suite is the best way to enliven your appearance.

Here is a very useful guide to make your black elegant:

Only black doesn’t means elegancy:

  • Black with white:
Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear

Only black.

The most alluring and decent combination of black is with white. This combination is most versatile, giving you a range of events to put it on from a wedding event to professional event to funeral event.

Combining a very classy tie is up to your event type. If you are going to some wedding event you can charm up your look with red or orange tie, if you are going to some professional place you can make it decent by light blue tie or if you are going to some very formal event like funeral event you can pair it up with simple plain black.

  • Black with red:
Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear

Only black.

The most charming and captivating combination you can ever have for party or wedding place is black with red. Red is a vibrant color that sets best with versatile black color. This combination is best to laminate your personality among thousands.

The most important thing is your tie that you combine with this vibrant combination. For black-red combination you have gold  stripes tie for weddings and simple plain black or grey silver stripes for formal and professional events.

  • Black with blue:
Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear

Only black.

While choosing color to blend with black, make sure you are not going for color that looks too bold according to your event. Like for office wears you can’t choose red shirt for your black suite. So to neutralize the place effect there is best combination for office wear that looks too professional is black with light blue shirt. This light and dark combination is most versatile combination, like you can confidently go with it to any place or event, but this is best for professional wear.

The tie color to combine with it as usual plain black but the best combination is charcoal grey that enhances this sober color combination.

  • Black with creamy yellow:
Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear;

Only black.

The fantastic but the less versatile combination of black pinstripe suit with yellow. A very decent, sober and soft color combination of black with yellow, works for family events and office use.

You can pair up light blue colored tie with this blend.

  • Black and chocolate:
Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear

Only black.

The very bold blend of black with chocolate color is very elegant when carried well. This combination works well for very bold and stylish events, like parties, first dates and office meetings.

Combining golden colored tie with stripes or black or brown is the only enhancing factor of this bold combination. You can add golden pocket squares to increase the weight of elegancy to your gorgeous combo.

  • Black with grey:
Only black, what to wear, what colors should i wear

Only black.

Not a dull but a very decent and cold combination of grey used by number of celebs to enhance winter effects on their looks. This is a cold combination for winters. Grey go best with black, whether its black shirt with grey suit or grey shirt with black suite.

Silver pinstripe tie is the best option for this combination.

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